VIVOTEK Furnishes a Factory for Shakelli Dairy Company

Brazilian Agricultural Cooperative Makes Dramatic Security Gains with VIVOTEK Cameras


Cotripal is an agricultural cooperative located in the municipality of Condor in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. The store sought to improve its security regime and sought the expertise of VIVOTEK partner AlphaDigi.


Cotripal had been using a surveillance system based on analog CCTV cameras, but a number of problems had emerged. A somewhat unexpected, but frequently occurring issue was that power surges would cause disruptions in the cameras' operation. In addition, due to the limitations of analog technology, cameras placed relatively distant from the control center yielded only poor-quality video, as signals were degraded when traversing greater lengths of copper wiring.

Already aware that IP surveillance systems based on digital technology were a strong trend in the market, Mateus Lautert, an engineer in Cotripal's security department approached AlphaDigi, describing Cotripal's needs and asking what IP cameras were suitable. Upon evaluating the site, and obtaining further details about Cotripal's requirements, AlphaDigi recommended that the store deploy 14 VIVOTEK camera-three SD7151, three IZ7151, and eight IP7153.

VIVOTEK Furnishes a Factory for Shakelli Dairy Company


The SD7151 was chosen to monitor the inside of the store. In order to effectively monitor activity and defeat any attempts by shoplifters or vandals to avoid being captured on video, a speed dome was required. The camera's progressive-scan CCD sensor delivers clear, crisply detailed picture quality should persons of interest need to be identified-a capability enhanced by powerful 18x zoom. Fast, precise movement with continuous 360° pan and 90° tilt ensure excellent coverage of the entire interior of the store.

For monitoring the entrances, AlphaDigi suggested VIVOTEK's IZ7151. With specifications similar to the SD7151, including the same high-end progressive-scan CCD sensor and 18x zoom, it provides the equally superior picture quality, without the speed dome form factor and extraneous pan/tilt capabilities.

The eight IP7153 cameras are used to monitor areas outside the store, such as parking lots. The camera's day/night functionality-with a removable IR-cut filter delivering exceptional image quality even under infrared illumination-is supported by an advanced auto iris to ensure the best possible brightness levels in the video footage. The store also took advantage of built-in PoE support, eliminating the need to extend electrical wiring to the locations where the cameras are installed.

Customer Feedback

Lautert reports that Cotripal is extremely satisfied with the results. Not only have the new VIVOTEK IP cameras rectified the shortcomings of its previous surveillance system, but they has provided unanticipated but much appreciated benefits as well-such as the ability to remotely control the cameras and monitor assets over the Internet no matter where security staff happen to be.

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