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Taipei City’s Heti Elementary School Completes Campus Security Network Using VIVOTEK’s IP Surveillance Solutions




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Aimetis with virtual fence detection


Zero One Tech
Heti Elementary School

Heti Elementary School, located in the Zhongzheng District of Taipei City, was established in 1958. With almost 60 years of history, it is an elementary school with immense historical value. Historical value is important, but Heti also wants to move with the times. The school had improved its campus surveillance system in 2011. However, the degradation of the school’s surveillance equipment has caused surveillance images to become unclear, and the Taipei City Government has recently promoted policies to improve campus safety monitoring systems, upgrade campus software and hardware, and implement automatic intruder warning systems. Aware of these factors, the school recently opted for a more comprehensive safety monitoring system to ensure the safety of its teachers and students. After thorough research, the school decided to implement an integrated system comprising an Aimetis video management system and VIVOTEK’s IP surveillance cameras to establish a “virtual fence” system. The system reinforced the security of the campus while enabling administrators to instantaneously monitor and easily manage the status of the school and provide a safe learning environment for the teachers and the students.

Implementing VIVOTEK’s IP Surveillance System to Enhance Image Capability

During the initial planning stage, the school commissioned system integrator, Hongyes and distributor Zero One Tech to conduct a preliminary assessment of the campus. The perimeter walls adopted a bare-boned design to enclose a semi-outdoor school campus. Therefore, the lighting issues identified were alternating light sources during both day and night, and the interference of headlights in the alleyways at night. These problems created image issues that ordinary cameras cannot process. To overcome these problems, Hongyes recommended the VIVOTEK outdoor bullet network camera IP8355H. This model features a 1.3-Megapixel CMOS sensor, built-in Smart IR, and 3D noise reduction technology. Even in low-light, it achieves excellent image quality and is capable of capturing both moving vehicles and people with the utmost clarity. Further, this model is equipped with WDR PRO II technology to resolve any alternating or high-contrast lighting issues. WDR PRO II technology enables the camera to maintain excellent visibility in extremely bright and dark environments. Protecting this advanced technology, IP67-rated casing renders the camera impenetrable to wind and rain, making it the perfect choice for safeguarding the outdoor areas of the school.

Applying Aimetis’ Video Management System to
Improve real-time Campus Safety

Aimetis push notifications
▲ Aimetis push notifications
Aimetis push notifications
▲ Aimetis push notifications

Heti Elementary School is an open-plan campus with low-cut walls. While providing a welcoming atmosphere, this design also increases the risk of intruders. To address this issue, Hongyes selected the Aimetis video management system coupled with VIVOTEK’s network cameras to create a virtual fence system. When a suspicious person enters campus parameters and triggers the infrared sensors, the Aimetis system immediately zooms in on the detected area and employs smart-analysis technology to detect any human features in the image. When an intruder is detected, the software immediately sounds the alarm located on the camera while sending a warning notification to the administrator. At night, the audible warning function can be automatically deactivated while retaining the notification function. This prevents the audible alarm from disturbing nearby residents but maintains the strongest security of the school.

This advanced technology seamlessly integrates with security staff, freeing them from the most mundane activities and empowering them to be more aware. Surveillance monitors, and host systems are usually placed in the security room at the entrance of the school for centralized management. However, constantly looking at these monitors may cause fatigue and a gradual loss of concentration. It is also inefficient and unreasonable to place campus security on constant alert and expect them to repeatedly patrol the campus grounds with limited manpower. With the implementation of the Aimetis video management system and movement detection technology, administrators need only focus on the enlarged pop-ups on the monitors. When administrators are required to temporarily leave their posts, they can enable push notifications to view and playback surveillance footage remotely from their mobile phones, thereby greatly enhancing work efficiency and campus safety.

Highly Compatible On-Site Services to Improve Campus Maintenance and Troubleshooting Efficiency

The school considered choosing a suitable vendor to be the key factor in choosing its new surveillance system. The vendor should not only have extensive knowledge of the differences between the original and new system infrastructures (IP and analog systems) but also be highly collaborative and demonstrate the capacity to quickly arrive on-site to provide support as needed, or to resolve issues when they occur. To the school, system stability and vendor cooperation are the primary concerns. In future, Heti Elementary School hopes to integrate an advanced intelligent surveillance system with the patrol capability of security details, ultimately creating a safer school environment for its teachers and students. Hongyes, Aimetis and VIVOTEK plan to be there to work with the School to provide all it requires to protect our next generation.