Features Integration

  • Video Compression - H.264
  • Video Compression - MPEG-4
  • Video Compression - Motion JPEG
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Box Bullet Cube Dome FishEye PTZ Speed Dome Split-type Video Server
IP8151 IP8151P IP8155HP IP8162 IP8162P IP8165HP IP8172 IP8172P IP8173H IB8156 IB8168 IB8338-H IB8338-HR IB8354-C IB8367 IB8367-R IB8369 IB8373-EH IB8381 IB8381-E IP8332-C IP8335H IP8337H-C IP8352 IP8355EH IP8355H IP8362 IP8364-C IP8365EH IP8365H IP8371 IP8371E IP8372 IP8133 IP8133W FD8131 FD8131V FD8134 FD8134V FD8135H FD8136 FD8137H FD8137HV FD8138-H FD8151V FD8152V FD8154 FD8154V FD8162 FD8162V FD8163 FD8164 FD8164V FD8165H FD8166 FD8167 FD8168 FD8169 FD8171 FD8173-H FD8335H FD8338-HV FD8362 FD8362E FD8363 FD8365EHV FD8365HV FD8367-V FD8372 FD8373-EHV MD8531H MD8562 FE8171V FE8172 FE8172V FE8173 FE8174 FE8180 FE8181 FE8181V SF8172 SF8172V SF8174 PD8136 SD83x4E SD83x6E SD8362E SD8363E SD8364E VC8201 VS8100 VS8102 VS8401 VS8801

* Support models and features are reference only. For more integration details, please contact Digifort.

For more information about Digifort LPR solution, please go to http://www.digifort.com/lpr.

About Digifort

Digifort products are carefully developed with the most advanced technology with the purpose of offering greater quality in software, surpassing the expectations of clients and offering customized features for the most diversified types of applications.

Digifort currently has more than 90 manufacturers worldwide and more than 1,450 models of cameras integrated into the system, allowing the user, complete freedom of choice of hardware without feeling trapped in a particular manufacturer.

We also offer a wide variety of products that help the user in system administration, such as full automation and alarm system, car plate reading, Module intelligent image analysis, integration with any system of access control, biometrics, CRM, ERP, software management of cities, and many others. We also have the module Evidence, which allows the record, through police report, the events of the monitoring process, classifying them and allowing the issuance of reports and charts.

Our technical support is very well prepared to serve you whenever needed, helping in the installation, questions and solutions to possible problems with the system.