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Griffid is a Dutch company founded in 2002. Griffid is a fast growing organization focused on the development of hardware independent open management software for video and events. Griffid has subsidiaries in The Netherlands and the United States supporting a wide partner network of distributors and system integrators.

The software platform is developed to offer solutions for the constantly changing customer demands in the security market.

The platform is able to support a wide variety of IP camera providers, video servers and Digital Video Recorders (DVR), which makes the software functional in a wide range of applications. Griffid provides a high-end application for alarm control rooms, addressing their need to verify alarms using live video and a SSIM ® application with a convenient dashboard that informs you what action is needed to combat incidents at the earliest possible stage.

Griffid specializes in the integration with POS systems, parking systems, RFID systems, access control systems and video analytics systems. The convenience of this is reflected in the operation and management of these systems handled by Griffid from just one console.

The vision Griffid has in the field of integration, has resulted in several large scale projects and has also prompted a significant funding from the European Commission for the increasingly popular video analytics and our SSIM ® application.

Griffid has Escrow arrangements to protect your interests adequately.

Griffid uses the Fenit-conditions which are categorised with Nederland ICT, an organization for IT-, Telecom-, Office- and Internet companies in the Netherlands.