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Face Recognition in crowded environments, multi-lingual License plate Recognition, Dwell time management, Driver match, behaviour analytics such as abandoned object detection, theft detection, graffiti and vandalism detection – all in crowded scenes, behavior analysis such as slips and falls, loitering, running, crowd gathering and crowd management, traffic management, intrusion and perimeter protection, people and vehicle counting, wrong way detection, vehicle speeding and industry specific solutions for 30 different industries including Red light time violation for roads.

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About IOmniscient

Technology leader in “Analytics” solutions using integrated video, sound and smell analytics.

Well renowned in the market as technology leader with customers in 45 countries across 30 different industries.

See through the crowd – the only company in the world that can cope with complex & crowded environments. Owns numerous internationally patented technologies focused primarily on crowded, complex and realistic scenarios. 40+ patents covering multiple technologies.

Provides Automated Response systems (automated PSIM) where camera will find nearest First Responder and tell him where to go and what to do.

Smart Compression which enable 90% higher compression relative to any other technology without loss of important information.

16 years of in-depth experience in large deployments of complex use cases including many smart city and transportation projects.

24x7 worldwide support.