Features Integration

  • Video Compression - H.264
  • Video Compression - MPEG-4
  • Video Compression - Motion JPEG
  • Multi-Streaming (2 or more)
  • Digital Input (Alarm in)
  • Digital Output (Alarm out)
  • Audio Codec - G.711
  • Audio Codec - G.726
  • Audio Codec - AAC
  • Audio Codec - GSM-AMR
  • Audio Input
  • Event Motion (From Camera)
  • Motion Window Setup (to camera)
  • Event Tampering Detection (From Camera)
  • Event Disconnected (From Camera)
  • PTZ Control
  • Camera Finder (by NVR/VMS/CMS)


Products Support

Box Bullet Cube Dome FishEye PTZ Speed Dome Split-type Video Server
IP7131 IP7132 IP7133 IP7134 IP7135 IP7137 IP7138 IP7139 IP7142 IP7151 IP7152 IP7153 IP7154 IP7161 IP7251 IP8151 IP8151P IP8152 IP8161 IP8162 IP8162P IP8172 IP8172P IP8173H IP7330 IP7361 IP8330 IP8331 IP8332 IP8332-C IP8335H IP8337H-C IP8352 IP8361 IP8362 IP8364-C IP8371E IP8372 IP8130 IP8130W IP8131 IP8131W IP8132 IP8133 IP8133W IP8336W FD7130 FD7131 FD7132 FD7141 FD8133 FD8133V FD8134 FD8134V FD8135H FD8136 FD8137HV FD8151V FD8161 FD8162 FD8163 FD8164 FD8166 FD8335H FD8355EHV FD8361 FD8361L FD8362E FD8363 FD8371EV FD8372 MD7530 MD7560 MD8531H MD8562 CC8130 FE8171V FE8172 FE8173 FE8174 SF8172 IZ7151 PD8136 PT7135 PT7137 PZ7131 PZ7132 PZ7151 PZ7152 PZ71x1 PZ71x2 PZ81x1 PZ81x1W SD7151 SD7313 SD81x1 SD8362E SD8363E SD83x1E SD83x2E SD83x3E VS7100 VS8100 VS8102

* Support models and features are reference only. For more integration details, please contact KOUKAAM.


KOUKAAM a.s. - developer and manufacturer of Network Video Recorders - IPCorder and IP camera system specialist located in the Czech (EU).

Alongside IP camera systems KOUKAAM is also focusing development and manufacturing of multi-functional power distribution units - NETIO.

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