Features Integration

  • Video Compression - H.264
  • Video Compression - MPEG-4
  • Video Compression - Motion JPEG
  • Multi-Streaming (2 or more)
  • Digital Input (Alarm in)
  • Digital Output (Alarm out)
  • Audio Codec - G.711
  • Audio Codec - G.726
  • Audio Codec - AAC
  • Audio Codec - GSM-AMR
  • Audio Input
  • Audio Output
  • Two Way Audio - Half-duplex
  • Two Way Audio - Full-duplex
  • Event Motion (From Camera)
  • Motion Window Setup (to camera)
  • Event Video Lost (From Camera)
  • PTZ Control
  • PTZ Presets Setting
  • Camera Finder (by NVR/VMS/CMS)
  • De-warping
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Products Support

Box Bullet Cube Dome FishEye PTZ Speed Dome Split-type Video Server
IP8151 IP8151P IP8155HP IP8162 IP8162P IP816A-LPC IP9171-HP IB8369 IB836B-HF3 IB836B-HT IB8382-T IB9371-HT IP8337H-C IP8352 IP8362 MS8391-EV FD8134 FD8134V FD8162 FD8166A FD8167 FD8169 FD816B-HF2 FD816B-HT FD816C-HF2 FD8182-F2 FD8362 FD8362E FD836B-HVF2 FD8382-ETV FD9171-HT MD8563-EHF2 FE8174 FE8180 FE9381-EHV SD8161 SD8362E SD8363E VC8101

* Support models and features are reference only. For more integration details, please contact Macroscop.

About Macroscop

Macroscop is a global provider of an open-platform VMS with the strong intelligence of video analytics added. Macroscop software allows building scalable video surveillance systems with an unlimited number of IP cameras, servers and workstations. The software package is easy to layout, install, set up, and service with regular free updates and mobile applications.

Macroscop company brings together leading distributors and installers to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to effectively provide advanced IP camera systems installations. By the moment, more than 15 000 video surveillance systems worldwide are based on Macroscop software solution.