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About Prism Skylabs

Prism transforms your cameras into powerful business tools. Through our open platform, Prism connects an unlimited ecosystem of hardware with A.I. and machine learning in the cloud, delivering data to users through beautiful applications and APIs.

Prism’s self-service mobile apps, Vision and Insight, bring intelligent video search and management capabilities directly to users’ devices — allowing them to understand and optimize their business in valuable new ways.

Through our Prism Connect program, Prism:

  • Gives your customers access to the most advanced visual intelligence platform and A.I.-powered tools to transform their business
  • Makes deploying seamless — remote configuration means simple installations and reduced maintenance costs
  • Generates recurring revenue with special pricing packages geared towards Prism’s partners
  • Reaches new customers and verticals beyond security and retail
  • Offers a differentiated solution that’s low-bandwidth but high-quality

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