Features Integration

  • Video Compression - H.264
  • Video Compression - MPEG-4
  • Video Compression - Motion JPEG
  • Multi-Streaming (2 or more)
  • Audio Codec - G.711
  • Audio Input
  • Event Video Lost (From Camera)
  • Camera Finder (by NVR/VMS/CMS)
  • De-warping
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Box Bullet Cube Dome FishEye PTZ Speed Dome Split-type Video Server
IP8151 IP8151P IP8152 IP8155HP IP8162 IP8162P IP8165HP IP8172 IP8172P IP8173H IB8354-C IP8332-C IP8335H IP8337H-C IP8352 IP8355EH IP8355H IP8362 IP8364-C IP8365EH IP8365H IP8371 IP8371E IP8372 IP8130W IP8131 IP8131W IP8133 IP8133W IP8336W FD8131 FD8131V FD8134 FD8134V FD8135H FD8136 FD8137H FD8137HV FD8151V FD8154 FD8154V FD8162 FD8163 FD8164 FD8164V FD8166 FD8171 FD8335H FD8355EHV FD8355HV FD8362 FD8362E FD8363 FD8365EHV FD8365HV FD8371EV FD8371V FD8372 MD8531H MD8562 CC8130 FE8173 FE8174 FE8174V FE8181 FE8181V SF8174 SF8174V PD8136 SD83x4E SD83x6E SD8362E SD8363E SD8364E VS8100 VS8102 VS8401 VS8801

* Support models and features are reference only. For more integration details, please contact Wavestore Limited. Camera Integration List

About Wavestore

Wavestore is the UK developer of professional video recording solutions that are the heart of many successful surveillance projects worldwide. From compact installations to large systems with many thousands of cameras, Wavestore surveillance systems have been implemented for more than ten years in applications such as airports, ports, casinos, retail, homeland security, police and custodial, councils, hospital, schools, and transports applications.

Developed on a Linux design, the Wavestore video management software (VMS) is reliable and simple to install, configure and operate, delivering an uncomplicated and intuitive user interface. Wavestore systems are also easily expandable and upgradable as the project requirements change, delivering a long life span investment and low cost of ownership.

The seamless capability to integrate third party systems makes Wavestore the ideal solution for any surveillance needs, providing a single interface that reduces operator workload and enabling a rapid response to dynamic events.

The expanding Wavestore product portfolio includes DVR, NVR, HVR (Hybrid) and mobile digital video recorders that are able to simultaneously record and display combinations of analogue, IP, megapixel, multi-megapixel, HD, HD-SDI, thermal, and 360 degree (fisheye) cameras.

The powerful, yet simple to operate, client de-warping function provides customisable linear views from any 360 degree cameras, enabling any region of the entire image to be analysed and multiple events to be reviewed either manually or by applying intelligent video analytics (IVA) technologies.

The Wavestore open platform design allows straightforward integration with any surveillance technologies such as video analytics, people counting, crowd analysis, queue monitoring, electronic point of sales (EPOS), automatic number plate recognition, perimeter security, biometric facial recognition, command and control, access control, building management systems (BMS) and more.

The Wavestore technology is also available to OEMs as a VMS software only solution, enabling them to create custom systems to fulfil unique commercial and technical requirements.