Smart Stream, Smartly Allocates Your Bandwidth

VIVOTEK Smart Stream technology intelligently allocates bandwidth when streaming moving objects or Regions of Interest in surveillance scenarios, resulting in increased savings in bandwidth and storage space

What is Smart Stream?

Smart Stream is a sophisticated technology developed by VIVOTEK in response to the conundrum that, all other factors being equal, the higher the video resolution, the greater amount of data produced, and thus the more network bandwidth consumed when transmitted. This situation forces many users to encode video from their network cameras at lower video quality in order to conserve network bandwidth, thus sacrificing surveillance quality. Smart Stream is a technology developed by VIVOTEK to eliminate the need to choose between high quality video and efficient network usage, achieving this objective by providing higher video quality only in those areas in the camera’s field of view that are of interest to the user. These areas can either be predefined by the user as regions of interest (ROI), or detected automatically as moving objects. Background areas of no interest for surveillance are presented at a lower baseline video quality, thus saving on network bandwidth, as well as on storage capacity if the video is archived. The result is surveillance video that preserves video quality where it matters, while dramatically reducing overall network bandwidth consumption.

Why use Smart Stream?

In environments where network capacity is constrained, or where there is simply a desire to improve network usage efficiency or performance, Smart Stream provides a solution that does not require sacrificing video quality. Use of a Smart Stream-capable camera is ideal for surveillance applications where only specific areas in the field of view will be of interest to the user—for example, in a traffic monitoring application, where only the road and the vehicles on it need to be captured at high resolution, but surrounding buildings are of no interest, so that a lower baseline video quality is adequate. In applications where objects or persons of interest only intermittently move in the field of view, Smart Stream can detect the motion and provide higher video quality for these objects or persons. Smart Stream can also be configured to use a combination of both ROI and automatic movement detection. In addition, Smart Stream is perfectly suited to remote surveillance or other scenarios where available network bandwidth may be limited or unknown.

In this scenario, Smart Stream auto mode saves 30% of the original bandwidth required, while the detail of moving objects is kept.

Integration Free

Smart Stream is fully compatible with H.264 standard and requires no further playback integration. Without further integration, any browsers (with plug-in) or surveillance software/NVR can connect to a Smart Stream and start using it.

Where to get Smart Stream?

Smart Stream technology is currently available in VIVOTEK's IP8371E, a 3-Megapixel outdoor bullet camera. With the ability to provide either full-resolution 3 megapixel video at 30 fps, or 1080p video at 60 fps, this camera delivers stunningly detailed and brilliantly rendered video for demanding surveillance applications such as license plate or facial recognition. The only potential drawback of such high-resolution video is that it consumes correspondingly large amounts of network bandwidth, as well as of storage capacity when archived at native resolutions. The combination of the IP8371E’s capabilities with Smart Stream technology provides an ideal solution for users seeking high-quality surveillance video while maintaining network and storage requirements at a reasonable level.

Action Now

If you wish to start applying Smart Stream now, set up IP8371E in your surveillance system. Find the settings of Smart Stream in Configuration ->Video->Stream->Any stream->H.264, and set up the video quality for your foreground, background, and start enjoying the benefit of a Smart Stream.