VIVOTEK - Line Crossing Detection | Field Detection | Object Counting | On-Camera Video Content Analysis (VCA)

Standard VCA


VIVOTEK’ s Standard Video Content Analysis (Standard VCA) is an embedded application package for VIVOTEK cameras that offer three key functions including Line Crossing Detection, Field Detection and Loitering Detection. The Standard VCA application package follows the debut of the VIVOTEK Application Development Platform (VADP), an open platform which enable third party partners to upload applications with analytic features to the camera, providing additional added value and flexibility to users in various industry.

The Line Crossing Detection function detects objects crossing a virtual line in either or both directions. The Field Detection feature triggers an event when objects move into or out of a configurable region of interest. The Loitering Detection triggers when objects linger in the region of interest for more than a preconfigured period of time.

Key Features

  • Embedded Application on Camera
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Easy Configuration
  • Multiple Analyses in One Package

Standard VCA Application

Line Crossing Detection

Line Crossing Detection

Field Detection

Field Detection

Loitering Detection
Object resting time: 10 ~ 180 sec.

Loitering Detection

Standard VCA Structure

Standard VCA Structure




Technical Specifications

Camera considerations
Camera placement 45° - 90° angle to object direction
Lighting conditions Full lighting condition
Limitations Shadows caused by light direction change might cause inaccurate counting.
Camera Integrates with camera event management system
Software Open API for software integration with Onvif specification as well as VIVOTEK Application Development Platform (VADP)
Language English
Licenses One VCA license only for one camera
Browser support I.E. 10/11

Setup and Configuration

Line crossing
Line setup Tripwire setting
Object direction Configurable
Field detection
Field area setup Setting area using maximum 20 points
Loitering detection
Object resting time 10 ~ 180 sec.







Outdoor Enclosure



Camera enclosure with blower (90~240V AC input) (T bracket)

Enclosure Standard VCA, Standard VCAP, IP8152, IP8155HP, IP8162, IP8162P, IP8165HP, IP8172, IP8172P, IP8173H

Product Front View

Standard VCA - Front View

Product Rear View

Standard VCA - Rear View

What's included

Standard VCA - What's included