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VIVOTEK Cameras Help Secure Headquarters of Romania's Largest Telecom Company


RCS&RDS is Romania's largest cable TV and Internet access provider, with services extending to satellite television and 3G telecoms for customers not only in Romania, but also Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

RCS&RDS wished to update the security system at its headquarters, with an eye particularly towards protecting the records and documents stored there. The storage area was already equipped with access management system, environment control system, and other security measures, but the company wished to add network cameras to provide visual monitoring. The company evaluated a number of different systems before it opted for a combination of network cameras and ST7501 video management software provided by VIVOTEK distributor SEEKTRON.

VIVOTEK Cameras Help Secure Headquarters of Romania's Largest Telecom Company


According to SEEKTRON's director Adina Patrascu, RCS&RDS were impressed by the extensive range of recording functions available in ST7501 and its highly precise event-controlled recording, and were delighted by the convenience of being able to view camera feeds in a web browser as well as in LiveClient. Event-controlled recording held particularly strong appeal for the company, since recording only occurs when a camera's motion detection is activated, saving storage capacity and reducing search times. In the end, these exceptional features convinced RCS&RDS to go with VIVOTEK.

SEEKTRON provided guidance to RCS&RDS in selecting specific models to meet the requirements of various locations and functional needs. A total of 27 VIVOTEK cameras have now been installed-three IP8332, two IP8132, sixteen PZ8121, three FD8134, and three FE8171V.

For key outdoor locations, RCS&RDS selected the IP8332, as the bullet camera's megapixel resolution offers excellent image quality, complemented by IR illuminators effective for up to 15 meters to ensure clear footage can be captured both day and night. The IP8132 and FD8134, which also provide megapixel-resolution video, were chosen for more public indoor locations, where the discreetly compact and stylish design is a big plus.

The sixteen PZ8121 cameras are used for monitoring more open indoor spaces, with security staff taking advantage of the model's 300-degree pan and 135-degree tilt capabilities. To protect the cameras against the possibility of tampering, AE101 indoor camera enclosures are being used.

For the most sensitive areas of the headquarters building, RCS&RDS is depending on the FE8171V, VIVOTEK's first fisheye fixed-dome network camera. An advanced 3.1-megapixel sensor combined with a fisheye lens provides an extraordinary level of detail without blind spots. The units were installed at a height of four meters, enabling them to monitor a large physical space, an option made possible by the extremely high resolution of the FE8171V.

Customer Feedback

By installing this video surveillance system we are now able to track which persons have entered our headquarters and their movements around our premises. The VIVOTEK network cameras were the perfect choice. They're maintenance-free, no expensive additional software was required, and more cameras can be easily integrated into the system at a later date.
- The manager of the security department at RCS&RDS