Revolutionary Invention Accelerates the Evolution of Outdoor and Long Distance Surveillance Applications

When it comes to outdoor surveillance applications or those covering large areas, such as wide-open factory sites, large-scale production lines, main intersections and outdoor parking lots, the installation of a surveillance system is always more challenging than indoor implementation because of a shortage of power supply, and unpredictable weather and lighting conditions. Particularly, a constant and stable power supply is always the first issue during system implementation. Installers usually have no choice but to adopt additional and excessive hardware such as PoE switches, extenders, injectors or splitters in order to ease power deployment and provide reliable power and therefore consistent surveillance. Now however, thanks to VIVOTEK’s new R series cameras, system implementation can be much simpler, easier and provided at a lower cost without sacrificing quality of surveillance coverage.

VIVOTEK has innovatively designed a series of cameras with embedded PoE extenders, which enable a surveillance system to be extended to up to 300 meters without the need for additional power supplies. The uniquely-designed PoE extender embedded within these camera models allows for both PoE input and output and direct connection with other PoE network cameras without an additional power source. VIVOTEK’s network cameras with embedded PoE extender revolutionize the establishment of long distance network surveillance systems by eliminating excess cables and power devices and significantly reducing the total cost of implementation. VIVOTEK is proud to offer its customers a more streamlined network surveillance system, which significantly elevates business efficiency and reduces the total cost of ownership of our state of the art systems.

The IB8367-R, IB8367-RT and IB8338-HR are VIVOTEK’s three new network cameras with embedded Poe extender. The embedded PoE extender design facilitates long-distance surveillance system implementation in factory areas, parking lots, crossroads, and outdoor sidewalks.

For more information, please check IB8367-R, IB8367-RT and IB8338-HR.

This video tells more about the application and benefits using cameras with embedded PoE extender:

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