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VIVOTEK Launches H.265 High-Efficiency Video Coding and High-Definition Network Camera supported by Genetec Security Center

DATA 2015.07.06

Driven by the ever growing demand for high definition and crystal clear video quality, H.265, the high efficiency video codec technology, is playing an increasingly important role in video surveillance for a diverse range of applications. Shopping malls, retail stores, railway stations, airports, parking lots, restaurants and other large scale areas all generate strong demand for high-detail image capturing, which simultaneously increases the demand for bandwidth and storage. With the release of new H.265-compatible equipment, end users will benefit from reduced bandwidth and data storage through more efficient video compression. Always aware of the latest advances, VIVOTEK, already known for superior image processing capability, has allocated considerable R&D resources into equipping its network cameras with H.265.

Smart Stream, the compression technology developed by VIVOTEK, intelligently allocates more bandwidth to streaming moving objects or Regions of Interest (ROI), resulting in optimized resource usage. Smart Stream is fully compatible with H.265 standard, requires no additional playback integration, and can also be configured to use a combination of both ROI and automatic movement detection. Allied to H.265 compression technology, this new technology can lower bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 50% while preserving the detail of moving objects and not sacrificing video quality. Smart Stream is perfectly suited for remote surveillance or other scenarios where available network bandwidth may be limited or unknown.

VIVOTEK has been working in close collaboration with Genetec to develop seamless integration for its H.265 cameras to ensure performance and compatibility with Genetec Security Center, a unified platform that blends IP video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition systems within one intuitive solution. By adopting H.265 technology, VIVOTEK and Genetec users can substantially save on costs due to the higher image compression rates, which reduce bandwidth and storage consumption. While the technology which brings this breakthrough to users is extremely advanced, they can access its benefits by simply switching on the Smart Stream feature on their VIVOTEK camera.

The development and integration of H.265 solutions and VIVOTEK's IP9171-HP camera was demonstrated at VIVOTEK's booth in IFSEC 2015, held at the ExCeL London from June 16-18.