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VIVOTEK Secures Prestigious Sports & Leisure Club in Brazil

VIVOTEK Secures Prestigious Sports and Leisure Club in Brazil


The Paineiras Morumby Club, founded in 1960, is a prestigious large-scale sports complex with facilities such as seven heated pools, thirteen tennis courts, five squash courts, badminton courts, fitness center, soccer field, running track and more than 40 sport courses. Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the Club provides services exclusively to its members, with membership subject to a highly selective screening process.

Aiming at providing its clients with the best quality of life, the Club also offers facilities such as a spa, medical services, car wash, restaurant, hairdresser, mini-mall, kindergarten, language school, and library. Moreover, club members can hold their own parties and other events in the Club. Ensuring service quality and members' safety has been the Club's top priority. After the inconvenience caused by the old and poor-quality cameras installed in its outdoor parking lot, the Club believed that the existed old surveillance system can no longer meet up with the club's expectation and the upgrade to IP surveillance with quality video was regarded as a necessary action to take. From this aspect, the club replaced the old system with new cameras capable of delivering high image quality even under challenging light conditions to perform the precise event detection, people identification and crime prevention. After seeking professional consultation from IP Extreme, the system integration unit of VIVOTEK distributor Alca Network, VIVOTEK's cameras, with their outstanding video quality and user-friendly interface, were chosen.

VIVOTEK Secures Prestigious Sports and Leisure Club in Brazil


The main purpose of the cameras installed in this project was the recording and monitoring of all entrances to the parking lot. Images of license plate numbers and some damages caused by cars when entering needed to be precisely captured and delivered to the security team of the Club. With this requirement in mind, VIVOTEK's IP8335H, a network bullet camera with an HD WDR CMOS sensor for use in challenging lighting conditions, was selected. 13 IP8335H cameras in total were installed in the parking lot.

VIVOTEK Secures Prestigious Sports and Leisure Club in Brazil

Equipped with the WDR Pro feature, the IP8335H is able to ensure the identification of persons or objects of interest under high-contrast lighting conditions-or when strong backlight, glare, or reflection is present-by capturing both the dark and bright parts of an image with double shutters, enabling two frames to be combined to generate a highly realistic image of the original scene. In addition, along with a removable IR-cut filter for day and night monitoring functionality and a P-iris lens, the IP8335H delivers superior clarity, depth of field, and overall image quality around the clock. The IP8335H, with an IP67-rated weatherproof housing, can also resist damage caused by rain and dust, allowing it to be operated reliably in outdoor areas. In general, the IP8335H is an outstanding choice for the outdoor parking lot.

VIVOTEK Secures Prestigious Sports and Leisure Club in Brazil

Customer Feedback

The most notable difference between the Club's old system and VIVOTEK's is the image quality and ease of operation. Previously, high-resolution images with clear details were impossible to capture with the Club's old cameras. VIVOTEK's system with its intuitive interface is very versatile. The results produced by VIVOTEK's cameras have exceeded the Club's expectations. This year, the Club will expand the use of VIVOTEK's camera to all areas of the Club.

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