VIVOTEK ST7501 is the free video management software, featuring reliable recording and easy system management for diverse IP surveillance applications. ST7501 has three major components, ST7501 Server for recording, ST7501 LiveClient for live viewing and system management, and ST7501 Playback for browsing the database and retrieving the recorded media data. Users can install and run the three components on a single computer, or install all of them in three separate computers.

ST7501 Server is able to record network video streams up to 32 channels; while ST7501 LiveClient allows users to have real-time remote monitoring. In addition, the ST7501 Playback enables to retrieve the database with multiple advanced functions such as searching, browsing, and exporting. With ST7501 LiveClient and ST7501 Playback installed on other computers in different locations, users can have live viewing and database access for more efficient video management. Seamless integration with most VIVOTEK network cameras and video servers, ST7501 video management software provides you with reliable video surveillance unit.

New Features in Version 1.8

  • Windows 8 & Windows Server 2012 Support
  • Alarm Management Enhancement
  • 3rd-Party I/O Box Integration
  • More VIVOTEK Camera Function Inetgration: Video Rotation Format, Smart Stream, Auto Tracking...etc

Key Features

  • 32-channel Live Video Monitoring
  • PTZ/ePTZ Function Control
  • Event Alarm Management
  • Overall Device Management through Intuitive E-map Feature
  • Two-way Audio, Multi-channel Audio Broadcast
  • Instant Replay & Playback on Live Client
  • Auto Stream Size for Reducing Display Loading
  • Directly Set up Basic Parameters for Cameras

Support List

  • VIVOTEK Network Cameras: 7000 & 8000 Series (MD7560X & SF series excluded)

System Requirements

Server (Recording Channels)4Mbps for Each ChannelBelow 32 CH
Client (Display Channels)* 720P
** 1080P
CPU2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processors2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processors2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processors
RAM2 GB or above4 GB or above8 GB or above
Graphics AdapterDirectX 9 compatible 1GB graphics card
Network Interface Card1000/100/10 Ethernet
  • * Display requirements of the 3MP fisheye camera is equal to a 720P camera.
  • ** Display requirements of the 5MP fisheye camera is equal to a 1080P camera.
  • If installing Server & Client in the same PC, overall loading of the PC is to be evaluated.

Remote Access via Client/Server Architecture

The administrator can monitor and control the system by remote login different clients. According to the system requirements or applications, the LiveClient and Playback programs can be installed in the same PC or separately.

Remote Access via Client/Server Architecture

Effective Event Management

The LiveClient supports comprehensive event management which allows the user to quickly respond to any emergencies. The Playback offers an array of event search engine for retrieving video clips from the database of recorded videos based on different search criteria.

Effective Event Management


The LiveClient supports intuitive E-map function which allows users to upload E-maps for overall devices management. The whole system architecture is thus visualized through e-map links.

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