High Profile SDK

VIVOTEK's Software Development Kits (SDK) provide tools, documentation, and code samples that allow you to take full advantage of VIVOTEK's technological advances. We offer two complete profiles to help you develop your applications, High Profile and Main Profile.

High Profile SDK, written with Main Profile SDK, is composed of two parts. One is the Vitamin control; the other is the MediaPlayback. Both are a type of ActiveX Control.

Vitamin control, developed to connect to the VIVOTEK network cameras or video servers, can display decoded video and audio and/or record video data. It is an integrated component with full functions and contains the most generic parts of Main Profile SDK.

MediaPlayback, on the other hand, is used to playback the video and audio, recorded by the ST3402 or the Vitamin control, from the database.

Therefore, for programmers who need a quick build up program to control and view VIVOTEK's products, the Vitamin control will be the easiest method to do so. However, flexibility and efficiency will be relatively lower.


ActiveX Control, used to denote reusable components of the software, is based on Microsoft Component Object Model (COM). Generally speaking, the program can only be developed with languages supporting COM, such as VB, Visual C++ or C# and operated on the Microsoft Windows operation system.

Main Profile SDK

Main Profile SDK is a combination of several independent DLLs (Dynamically-Linked Library), which are written with the C programming language; its interface is also a C interface.

Operated on both the Linux and Windows operation systems, Main Profile SDK has different functional components, each with its own specific purpose and capability. For example, some components support the function of transmitting audio and video data, while others are designed to decode video and audio data. Such flexibility allows programmers to build up programs with the needed components.

Programmers have to spend relatively more effort when writing specific functions. For example, when connecting to the streaming server (Network Camera or Video Server) and requesting media data from the server, programmers can configure the decoding processes for the video and audio, the optional methods, and even the time display.

This SDK is under "Non-disclosure agreement" protection. The SDK can be available after the NDA is signed.

If you are interested to get the SDK, please register first! If you already had an account name, please login and click "Main Profile (Low-level SDK)" to fill out the "VIVOTEK Software Partner Information Form". Manager will check your purpose and your qualification in the form. If you pass the authentication, he will contact you. Thanks.

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