VIVOTEK successfully integrated MPEG-4 video, MPEG-4 AAC, and MP3 into network applications.

December 2000

VIVOTEK founded in Taipei.

February 2000

VIVOTEK receives grant from Industrial Development Bureau MOEA for the project "Multimedia Communication Platform".

October 2001

VIVOTEK gives the 1st demonstration of sending MPEG-4 codec over DSP platform at NAB.

April 2001

VIVOTEK receives praise and encouragement for developing an assortment of network cameras and video servers, using advanced MJPEG and MPEG-4 streaming codec technology.

March 2002

VIVOTEK receives grant from MOEA SiSoft for the project "Development of Multimedia Codec Silicon Intellectual Property".

April 2003

VIVOTEK ISO9001 certificated by TÜV Rheinland.

February 2003

VIVOTEK's wireless pan/tilt network camera, PT3113, wins SecuTech's "Innovation and Technology" award.

May 2004

VIVOTEK announces 1st MPEG-4 network camera with pan/tilt ability ever created.

February 2004

VIVOTEK wins the "Technology Fast 50 Taiwan 2005" awarded by Deloitte & Touche.

October 2005

VIVOTEK's PZ6112/6122 network camera, featuring dual-codec and pan/tilt/zoom ability wins the "Best Choice of Computex Taipei 2005" award.

June 2005

VIVOTEK's dual-codec, pan/tilt/zoom network camera, PZ6112/6122, wins the "2005 Best of Taiwan's Best Award".

March 2005

VIVOTEK's PT3113/3123 and PT3114/3124 wireless MPEG-4 pan/tilt network cameras win the "2005 Symbol of Excellence" award.

January 2005

VIVOTEK PT7135/7137 Wins the "Outstanding IT Applications/Products Awards" of ITMonth 2006.

November 2006

VIVOTEK Receives the Technology Fast 50 Taiwan 2006, awarded by Deloitte.

October 2006

Both of VIVOTEK's 3GPP network cameras, IP7135/7137 and PT7135/7137, win the Symbol of Excellence Award 2006.

August 2006

VIVOTEK announces the successful completion of its initial public offering of 5,238,000 shares of its common stock at NT$58.00 per Share.

July 2006

VIVOTEK is proud to announce the success through ISO 14001, certified by TUV Rheinland Industries Service GmbH.

May 2006

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce that we have successfully passed rigorous TL9000, certified by TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc.

April 2006

VIVOTEK receives the Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2005, Awarded by Deloitte.

March 2006

VIVOTEK's network camera, IP7135/7137, wins the Best of Taiwan's Best Awards for Q4 2005 from EUROTRADE.

February 2006

VIVOTEK is ready to present new office design after months of remodeling.

January 2006

VIVOTEK was Honored with the 14th Taiwan "SMEs Innovation Award".

November 2007

VIVOTEK Granted the 16th Taiwan SMEA "National Outstanding SMEs Award."

October 2007

VIVOTEK Spins off its SoC Department into a Subsidiary Company - VATICS.

September 2007

VIVOTEK is Honored with the 15th Taiwan MOEA "Industrial Technology Advancement Award - Excellent Enterprise Innovation Award".

September 2007

VIVOTEK is Honored with the 10th Taiwan SMEA "Rising Star Award".

August 2007

VIVOTEK Receives the honor of Security 50.

August 2007

VIVOTEK's Mega-pixel Network Camera IP7138/IP7139 and 3GPP Network Camera IP7131/IP7132 Wins the "Symbol of Excellence Award 2007".

July 2007

VIVOTEK's Mega-pixel Network Camera IP7138/IP7139 Wins SecuTech Award 2007.

April 2007

VIVOTEK Honorably Receives the Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2006, Awarded by Deloitte

March 2007

VIVOTEK Wins ITMonth 2008's Outstanding I.T. Products Award

December 2008

VIVOTEK IP7142 Wins GIT Security Award 2009's CCTV Award

December 2008

VIVOTEK Ranked 41 in Security 50

November 2008

Established VIVOTEK USA

September 2008

Two-year Warranty is on the Way

May 2008

VIVOTEK's 2.6x Pan-focus Pan/tilt/Zoom Network Camera PZ7151/PZ7152 Wins SecuTech Award 2008.

April 2008

VIVOTEK receives Taiwan's First IECQ HSPM QC 080000 Certificate Issued by TÜV Rheinland Group.

March 2008

VIVOTEK Joins PSIA for Open Standard Compatibility

December 2009

VIVOTEK Joins ONVIF for Standard Compatibility

September 2009

Announced the first IP Surveillance Handbook

April 2009

Announced the first 2MP network camera with True Megapixel Solutions

March 2009

VIVOTEK IP7142 Wins CPS Top 10 Innovative Security Product Award

February 2009

VIVOTEK Announces the 1st VIVOTEK IP Video Solution Awards

April 2010

VIVOTEK Cameras Win the Symbol of Excellence Award 2010

January 2010

VIVOTEK USA Expands Facility to San Jose

October 2011

IPO: VIVOTEK Advances from the OTC Market to the Major Exchange Market

July 2011

VIVOTEK Once Again Named to Security 50

December 2012

VIVOTEK Releases 5-Megapixel Box-type Security Cameras IP8172/72P

November 2012

VIVOTEK Launches Its First 5-Megapixel Bullet Camera, the IP8372

October 2012

VIVOTEK Opens RMA Centre in Europe

August 2012

VIVOTEK Launches its First 5-Megapixel Fisheye Camera - FE8172V

July 2012

VIVOTEK Launches Its First 5-Megapixel Fixed Dome - FD8372

May 2012

VIVOTEK Wins Camera Excellence Awards at Secutech 2012

April 2012

VIVOTEK Launches the World's Smallest IP Fixed Dome - FD8136

April 2012

VIVOTEK Ranks 19th Among the World's Top 50 Security Brands

November 2013

VIVOTEK Won IP Cameras Excellent Award at Secutech Taipei 2013

April 2013

VIVOTEK Won MIPS 2013 The Best Innovation Product Contest

April 2013

VIVOTEK Ranks 14th Among Taiwan’s Top 50 Performers

April 2013

VIVOTEK Won GIT Security Award 2013

January 2013

VIVOTEK Launched the Industry’s First Network Cameras Designed with Embedded Extender, IB8367-R, IB8367-RT and IB8338-HR, to Allow Daisy-Chain PoE

December 2014

VIVOTEK Debuted the World’s Smallest Fisheye Network Camera FE8180

December 2014

VIVOTEK Ranks 19th Among the World's Top 50 Security Brands

December 2014

VIVOTEK Unveiled Two State-of-the-art 5-Megapixel IR Fisheye Fixed Dome Network Cameras FE8181 and FE8181V

September 2014

VIVOTEK Won IT Pro Corporate Choice 2013 in Hong Kong

April 2014

VIVOTEK Won thte Best Mobile IP Camera Award at ISC Brazil

April 2014

VIVOTEK Won IP Cameras Excellent Award at Secutech Taipei 2014

March 2014

VIVOTEK Have Been Named in 2013 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Ranking

February 2014

VIVOTEK Was Awarded 2013 Top 10 Most Influential Smart HD Cameras Brand in China

January 2014

VIVOTEK Established India Office in Delhi, India

January 2014

VIVOTEK Established Europe Office in Almere, The Netherlands

January 2014

VIVOTEK USA receives Best Supplier Delivery Award

February 2015

2015 Taiwan Excellence Award

January 2015

VIVOTEK network cameras, the ultra mini fixed dome network camera FD8168; the ultra-mini bullet network camera IB8168; the IR fisheye network camera FE8181V; and the split-type camera system VC8201, have been endowed the 2015 Taiwan Excellence Awards.