USB Joystick
Model: AJ-001
Joystick Hall effect three axes joystick
X/Y/Z for positioning control
Joystick travel: X/Y axes +/-20, Z axis +/-30
Centering: single spring, omni-directional
Buttons 8x long life tactile switches
LED Indicator 3
Housing High Impact ABS
Power Via the USB interface (5VDC)
Consumption 100mA
Interface USB Port
Connectors USB 2.0 (USB Type A Male)
Supported OS Windows 7/8/10 with plug n play
Supported Platform - VIVOTEK Speed Dome: SD8161, SD8333-E, SD8363E, SD8364E, SD83X4E, SD83X6E, SD9161-H, SD9361-EHL, SD9362-EH, SD9362-EHL, SD9363-EHL, SD9364-EH, SD9364EHL, SD9365-EHL, SD9366-EH, SD9366-EHL
- VIVOTEK NVR: ND8322P, ND8422P, ND9441, ND9441P, ND9541, ND9541P, NR9581, NR9681
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ 60°C (-13°F ~ 140°F)
Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 120(W) x 157(L) x 97(H) mm
AJ-001 Dimensions