Advanced Motion Detection - Each Alarm Counts

VIVOTEK advances the state of the art in motion detection

Conventional Motion Detection

Motion detection is used in surveillance video cameras to detect movement in the frame of view. Once movement is detected, specific actions can be triggered, such as the activation of an alarm, or an increase in resolution in order to capture greater detail. A basic algorithm for the detection of movement compares the current frame with a reference frame to determine the number of pixels that differ, returning a positive result if this number exceeds a specified threshold.

While motion detection can be a useful feature in surveillance cameras, its effectiveness may be compromised by frequent false alarms, where the software algorithm used to analyze the video is "fooled"-typically by signal noise-into detecting movement in the view when none has taken place. Such false alarms result in inefficiency in the form of extraneous tasks for administrators, consumption of additional storage for video recorded at unnecessarily high resolution, and so forth.

Accurate alarm trigger
False alarm by conventional motion detection

VIVOTEK's Advanced Motion Detection

VIVOTEK has developed an advanced version of our motion detection technology that enhances accuracy and minimizes the occurrence of false alarms, thus preventing the subsequent waste of resources. Previous generations of the technology relied on a software algorithm that examined the difference in successive frames of video to determine if movement had occurred. However, signal noise appearing along these differences could lead to false positives. VIVOTEK has created a more sophisticated algorithm to make the reference frame as a static background so as to easily distinguish the movement in the foreground while comparing frames in succession, reducing the possibility that random noise will lead to false positives.

Hassel-free Set-up

An intuitive, simple-to-use interface makes it easy for users to set regions in the field of view to apply motion detection, as well as configure settings such as sensitivity to movement. VIVOTEK's advanced motion detection is available on all VIVOTEK cameras, so all customers can gain the benefits of this technology to automate responses to movement in monitored locations while minimizing false alarms to eliminate unnecessary staff mobilization and wasted storage capacity.

Note: Only fisheye cameras support the polygon window for motion detection setting.