Profile Setting

Getting video just right in both day and night modes


In most environments, levels of illumination during the daytime and at night are very different. In order to capture clearer and more detailed video under these opposite lighting conditions, VIVOTEK cameras feature both day mode and night modes. While the two profiles serve their purpose, fine-tuning the settings for each mode is the key to ensure the best video quality possible.

Profile settings take into account the unique conditions of a camera's particular location and the needs of a specific application. Profiles can be configured and applied with optimized image settings, exposure levels, and motion detection in both day and night modes. Profile settings can be set to work with on a schedule, so that the settings will be applied during a specific period of your choice allowing the system designer full flexibility.

* Some cameras that come without the Day/Night mode will only support the Schedule Mode in the profile setting.

Three Configuration Profiles for Different Situations

A VIVOTEK camera's interface covers Profile settings in three areas—image settings, exposure, and motion detection. Under image settings, white balance, brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness can be set per profile. It can also enable or disable gamma curve optimization, 3D noise reduction, and electronic image stabilization, depending on the availability. It's equally easy to apply Profile settings for exposure levels, as well as to enabling VIVOTEK's WDR technology for enhancing image quality in high-contrast scenes. The Last Profile setting that can be adjusted would be the Motion Detection. The motion sensitivity and threshold at nighttime can be differently configured than daytime to prevent false motion triggers. Furthermore, motion detection windows can be added to or removed from the frame depending on the application and location.

Image settings
Motion Detection

Example of Profile Setting in Day and Night Mode

To give a brief example of how Profile settings works, imagine using an IP8155HP, that is set up to monitor a warehouse. The default settings were applied in day mode. However, in night mode, the camera was configured to take advantage of Profile settings specific to night time image quality. By having increased brightness and contrast, activated 3D Noise Reduction, and set WDR Pro II at high strength levels, while lowering sensitivity, it will reduce the chance of triggering false motion detection alarms and increase quality across the entire image.

Without Profile Setting: Without Profile Setting, the camera keeps a single image setting while lighting changes and may get the image with lots of noise during nighttime.
With Profile Setting: Profile Setting enables customers to have double configurations, ensuring good video quality in both day mode and night mode.

Benefit by Using Profile Setting

With the convenience and power of Profile settings, you can ensure that your VIVOTEK camera delivers clearly rendered objects and extensive detail in high-quality video in both day and night modes.