The Smart Focus System: Getting Focus Adjustment Right


The right focus is essential for getting the most out of high-resolution cameras. After all, an out-of-focus image means the high pixel count is wasted. The best possible focus is especially important for surveillance cameras, since not capturing enough detail makes them less effective as security tools, particularly for demanding applications like facial identification.

VIVOTEK Smart Focus System

  • Focus Assist
  • Remote Focus
  • Remote Back Focus

To make the task of adjusting focus on VIVOTEK cameras easier and more accurate, we have developed the Smart Focus System. The Smart Focus System consists of three modules: Focus Assist, Remote Focus, and Remote Back Focus.

The Focus Assist module provides a fast and simple way to set the focus when a camera is installed. Pressing the Focus Assist hardware button brings up an on-screen focus value indicator on a mobile monitor or notebook computer connected to the camera. The camera determines the best focus value, and displays this on-screen as well. From there, the camera's focus controller can be adjusted so the current focus value matches this optimal value.

The Remote Focus module provides a solution to the difficulties of adjusting focus after the camera has been installed and is in use. The ability to fine-tune focus remotely is particularly desirable for surveillance cameras because they are often installed in locations that are difficult to access. Remote Focus allows administrators to easily make focus adjustments on cameras using lenses equipped with stepper motors via the camera's browser interface.

The camera with Remote Focus has lenses with built-in stepper motors, which can be used to remotely control the focal length through the camera UI.

The Remote Back Focus feature provides an extra level of control over a camera's focus through an adjustable CCD/CMOS sensor board. Installers can adjust the distance between the sensor board and the lens to fine-tune the so-called back focus directly from the camera's software interface, greatly reducing the time required for configuration, whether during initial installation or subsequently.

The camera with Remote Back Focus comes with a controllable CCD/CMOS sensor board inside the camera. In the camera UI, installers can adjust the distance between the sensor board and the lens to fine tune the focus of a camera.

VIVOTEK's Smart Focus System provides an intelligent design and comprehensive features to make achieving the best focus easy.