Snapshot Focus - Small Invention, Big Convenience

Hard to Ensure Focus under Fast Moving Objects

When installing a new IP network camera, it is critical to correctly focus the camera, so that all subsequent footage is as clear and as usable as possible. Unfortunately, in applications involving quickly moving objects, such as traffic monitoring or license plate recognition, it is very difficult for an installer to be sure that they have achieved maximal focus. The objects are simply moving too quickly, and passing through the plane of focus too rapidly for the installer to check the focus confidently. So even after installation, the client has to return to the camera to refocus.

Snapshot Focus Can Greatly Help

Now VIVOTEK, drawing in its broad experience in developing and installing network camera solutions, has created a revolutionary way to solve this problem. VIVOTEK's new Snapshot Focus function allows installers to record a short clip of the scene on site, and then playback this clip at any speed they wish, or even reverse it, in order to check or fine tune the focus.

After selecting the region on which they want the camera to focus, the user then simply clicks one button, and a three second clip of the scene is recorded. By pressing the right and left arrows on their keyboard, they may then cycle backward or forward through the short clip, pausing as the quickly moving objects appear in the center of the focus window. At this point, the focus can either be confirmed, or minor adjustments made in order to bring the scene into sharp focus.

While Snapshot Focus is designed for traffic monitoring applications, it is perfectly applicable to any situation in which objects are in motion. By guaranteeing that the user has the correct focus at first installation, Snapshot Focus saves repeated trips to the camera, or ongoing concerns about image quality, allowing the user to rest assured that all footage will not only be of the highest quality, but will also be crystal clear - allowing them to concentrate on the development of their own business. In saving so much time and hassle, it's easy to see why VIVOTEK's Snapshot focus is quickly becoming essential for anyone installing network cameras covering moving objects.