VIVOTEK - 5MP | Fisheye | 1MP WDR Pro | 360° Surround View | 3DNR | Recessed Mount | Split-type Camera System VC8201



The groundbreaking VC8201 system exemplifies an innovative approach to surveillance front-end solutions that separates the video processing core and camera units. The physically independent core unit handles video processing tasks such as storage, compression, and interfacing with the network, and can connect to either one or, more interestingly, two independent camera units.

This split core/camera approach provides a number of advantages over conventional designs, including the ability to support multiple camera types in a single installation, more discreet camera appearance, simpler installation, greater implementation flexibility, easy camera replacement or upgrades, and lower total cost of ownership. Together, these advantages enable a superior solution for established and emerging security applications.


Flexible Configuration

The VC8201 supports up to two cameras, which can be of the same or different types, providing unprecedented flexibility. Two cameras can be used to monitor physically partitioned spaces such as adjoining rooms, a single large space, or to provide different types of views simultaneously, among other possible usage scenarios.

Simplified Installation

The support for two cameras with a single network-connected video core that would require two separate network- connected devices in a more conventional design reduces installation time and costs. In addition, the CU8131 and CU8171 cameras currently available for use with the VC8201 system offer a special self-locking mechanism that secures them into place without the need for screws.

Less Cabling

Each camera unit is connected to the core unit via a single cable that supplies power, and transmits both video data and audio from built-in microphones on the CU8131 and CU8171.

Greater Coverage

Each of the two camera units that can be connected to the core unit can be positioned up to 8 meters away. The 8-meter cable length allows a larger area to be monitored with a single installation, in addition to the greater coverage that two camera units can of course provide.

More Compact Cameras

By separating out processing tasks to the core unit, the camera units themselves can adopt a more compact, lighter design. This feature makes them ideal for locations such as structurally weak ceilings or in vehicles, where bulkier cameras present installation challenges.

More Discreet Appearance

The smaller camera form factor enabled by the split core/camera design also allows a less obtrusive appearance where there are aesthetic concerns or to reduce the risk of opportunistic tampering or vandalism.

VC8201 - More Discreet Appearance

Easier Maintenance and Upgrades

The modular design of the VC8201 makes removing individual camera units for maintenance or replacement extremely easy. Moreover, upgrades can also be easily accomplished, since they need only involve swapping out of a camera unit and not replacement of the entire system.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The VC8201's support for the functionality of two cameras in a single system makes it more cost-effective. The VC8201's use of a single IP address and Ethernet port can also mean lower license fees for some third-party video management software. Together with reduced costs in areas such as cabling, installation, and maintenance, these features mean the VC8201 can offer a lower total cost of ownership.

Usage Scenarios

The following examples use a motorcycle shop that combines a retail space with a work area where repairs are performed to illustrate how the flexibility of the VC8201's split core/camera design can leveraged to suit different application requirements.

Scenario #1: Combining a WDR Camera and a Fisheye Camera

VC8201 - Scenario #1: Combining a WDR Camera and a Fisheye Camera

With a single installation of the VC8201, the shop can monitor its retail area using a fisheye camera unit, while the main entrance could be monitored with a wide dynamic range camera unit so that image quality is not affected by the high- contrast lighting conditions.

Scenario #2: With Two WDR Cameras

VC8201 - Scenario #2: With Two WDR Cameras

Alternatively, two cameras with wide dynamic range capabilities, one for the main entrance and another for the side entrance, could be used if the focus of security is on points of access to the store.

Scenario #3: With Two Fisheye Cameras

VC8201 - Scenario #1: Combining a WDR Camera and a Fisheye Camera

To provide comprehensive monitoring of two physically partitioned spaces, the retail and the work areas, a pair of fisheye cameras provide views of the entirety of both without blind spots.

Key Features

  • Supports Up to 2 Camera Units
  • 2 Camera Options: 1MP WDR or 5MP Fisheye Camera
  • Recessed Mount Camera Units
  • Built-in Microphone on Camera Units
  • Maximum 8 Meters Cable Connection
  • Real-time H.264 and MJPEG Compression
  • Built-in IEEE 802.3af Compliant PoE
  • 3D Noise Reduction



System Information
  • Multimedia SoC (System-on-Chip)
  • 256 MB
  • 512 MB
Camera Features
Image sensor
  • 1/3" Progressive CMOS (CU8131)
  • 1/2.5" Progressive CMOS in 2560x1920 (CU8171)
Maximum Resolution
  • 30 fps @ 1280x800 (CU8131)
  • 15 fps @ 1696x1696 (CU8171)
Focal Length
  • f=3.6mm (CU8131)
  • f=1.27mm (CU8171)
  • F1.8 (CU8131)
  • F2.0 (CU8171)
Field of View
  • CU8131
    • 86° (horizontal)
    • 51° (vertical)
    • 103° (diagonal)
  • CU8171
    • 180° (horizontal)
    • 180° (vertical)
    • 180° (diagonal)
Shutter Time
  • CU8131: 1/5 sec. to 1/32,000 sec. (Auto-adjustment)
  • CU8171: 1/5 sec. to 1/32,000 sec.
WDR Technology
  • WDR Pro (CU8131)
  • WDR enhanced (CU8171)
Minimum Illumination
  • CU8131
    • 1.05 Lux @ F1.8, 50 IRE (Color)
  • CU8171
    • 0.66 Lux @ F2.0, 50 IRE (Color)
Tilt range
  • 70° (CU8131)
Pan / Tilt / Zoom
  • CU8131
    • ePTZ: 48x digital zoom (4x on IE plug-in, 12x built-in)
  • CU8171
    • ePTZ: 12x digital zoom
On-board Storage
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot
  • H.264 & MJPEG
Video Source
  • Up to 2 VIVOTEK camera units
Maximum Streams
  • 3 simultaneous streams per camera unit
S/N Ratio
  • Above 53 dB (CU8131)
  • Above 62 dB (CU8171)
Dynamic Range
  • 110 dB (CU8131)
  • 57 dB (CU8171)
Video Streaming
  • Adjustable resolution, quality and bitrate
  • Configurable video cropping for bandwidth saving
Image Settings
  • Adjustable image size, quality and bit rate
  • Time stamp, text overlay, flip & mirror
  • Configurable brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, white balance, exposure control, gain, backlight compensation, privacy masks
  • Scheduled profile settings, 3D Noise Reduction
Audio Capability
  • Audio input
  • G.711
  • From camera unit
  • Live viewing for up to 10 clients
  • 10Base-T / 100BaseTX Ethernet (RJ-45)
  • * It is highly recommended to use standard Cat. 5e & Cat. 6 cables which are compliant with the 3P/ETL standard.
  • Supported, specification available at
Intelligent Video
Video Motion Detection
  • Five-window video motion detection
Alarm and Event
Alarm Triggers
  • Video motion detection, manual trigger, digital input, periodical trigger, system boot, recording notification, camera tampering detection
Alarm Events
  • Event notification using digital output, HTTP, SMTP, FTP and NAS server
  • File upload via HTTP, SMTP, FTP and NAS server
  • RJ-45 connector for Network/PoE connection
  • RJ-12 connector for camera unit connection *2
  • DC 12V power input
  • Digital input *2
  • Digital output *2
LED Indicator
  • System power and status indicator
Power input
  • DC 12V
  • IEEE 802.3af PoE
Power consumption
  • Max. 9.3 W (DC 12V)
  • Max. 10.8 W (PoE)
  • 145 mm (W) x 105 mm (D) x 32 mm (H) (VC8201)
  • Ø: 60 mm x 93 mm (CU8131)
  • Ø: 60 mm x 81 mm (CU8171)
  • Net: 360 g (VC8201)
  • Net: 58 g (CU8131)
  • Net: 51 g (CU8171)
Safety Certifications
  • CE, C-Tick, FCC Class B, LVD, VCCI
Operating Temperature
  • Starting Temperature:
    • VC8201: 0°C ~ 50°C ( 32°F ~ 122°F )
    • CU8131, CU8171: 0°C ~ 40°C ( 32°F ~ 104°F )
  • Working Temperature:
    • VC8201: -10°C ~ 50°C ( 14°F ~ 122°F )
    • CU8131, CU8171: -10°C ~ 40°C ( 14°F ~ 104°F )
  • 24 Months
System Requirements
Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
  • Mozilla Firefox 7~10 ( Streaming only )
  • Internet Explorer 7.x or 8.x
Other Players
  • VLC: 1.1.11 or above
  • QuickTime: 7 or above

VC8201 Intro

VC8201 Installation

VC8201 Motorcycle Application





Transparent cover assembly (Black - Plastic Case)

Enclosure FD816C-HF2, FD816C-HSF2, CU8131




Transparent cover assembly (Black - Plastic Case)

Enclosure FE8182, CU8171



900029610G (White)
900029600G (Black)

IK10 Transparent cover assembly

Enclosure FD816C-HF2, FD816C-HSF2, FE8182, CU8131, CU8171

Split Type Camera System

The two sensor modules can be installed in the same or different rooms/mounting positions. A fisheye lens can be used to cover an entire space, while a fixed focal lens a specific field of view

VC8201 - Split Type Camera System


Drill a hole on ceiling or wall. The diameters for the installations with or without the retention tube are different. Use the M3 self tapping screws if installed without the retention tube. Note that this type of installation does not apply to hard surfaces, such as a concrete wall.

VC8201 - Installation
  1. Detach the top coverVC8201 - Installation - 1
  2. Install the retention tubeVC8201 - Installation - 2
  3. Route the sensor cable through the hole, and then connect to the lens moduleVC8201 - Installation - 3
  4. Pull the retention clips to the back of the module, and then insert the module into the wallVC8201 - Installation - 4
  5. Use an extension tube if the wall is thicker than 6cmVC8201 - Installation - 5
  6. Route and connect the R12 sensor cablesVC8201 - Installation - 6

Product Front View

VC8201 - Front View

What's included

VC8201 - What's included