RCD&RDS, Romania’s largest telecom company, offers a broadband Internet service called Digi.Net to both residential and enterprise customers. The company touts the high speed and reliability of Digi.Net’s broadband connections over cable or optical fiber to attract subscribers.

To back up its claims, and showcase the speed and robustness of its network infrastructure for Digi.Net, RCS&RDS planned to install roadside video cameras at prominent locations around Romania. Customers would be able to view live feeds from these cameras, demonstrating the network’s ability to handle real-time video efficiently, giving them confidence that Digi.Net could capably handle applications like video calling, movie streaming, and the like.


In consultation with VIVOTEK distributor SEEKTRON, RCS&RDS selected IP8332 cameras for the project. According to SEEKTRON’s director Adina Patrascu, he recommended VIVOTEK’s IP8332 because it offered a number of features ideal for the usage scenario.
First, VIVOTEK’s camera is specifically designed for outdoor surveillance, housed as it is in a rugged IP66-rated enclosure. With its megapixel-resolution sensor, the IP8332 delivers the kind of crisply detailed video that would please potential RCS&RDS Digi.Net customers. Excellent picture quality is maintained even at night thanks to IR illuminators with a range of up to 15 meters.

In addition, the camera’s triple-codec design, supporting the MPEG-4, MJPEG, and H.264 video compression formats, ensures that clear, fluid video is transmitted to viewers without unduly consuming bandwidth, which would heighten the risks of dropped frames or throttled-down resolutions that might leave potential customers with a less than favorable impression of Digi.Net’s connection quality.

Customer Feedback

A total of 40 IP8332 cameras were installed throughout Romania as part of the showcase project, and it has proved to be resounding success, with the number of customers subscribing to the Digi.Net service increasing considerably since the cameras were installed and went online.

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