VIVOTEK Is Honored to Be Named in 2015 Taiwan Excellence Awards

Taipei, Taiwan - VIVOTEK is honored to announce that its four new network camera products - the ultra mini fixed dome network camera FD8168; the ultra-mini bullet network camera IB8168; the IR fisheye network camera FE8181V; and the Split-type Camera System VC8201 - have been endowed the 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award. Selected from among 1,155 products, VIVOTEK is extremely proud to be among those recognized with the award, which was unveiled in early January.

The "Taiwan Excellence Award" was established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in 1992. For more than two decades, the award has been widely regarded as the mark of quality products from Taiwan. Judges bestow the award based on how well products ranked in the four key categories of "R&D", "Design", "Quality" and "Marketing".

Owen Chen, the Chairman of VIVOTEK, stated, "I would like to thank MOEA, the organizer of Taiwan Excellence Awards and the honorable judges for their affirmation. VIVOTEK, as the leading network surveillance solutions provider in Taiwan, will keep our commitment to delivering high quality products and surveillance solutions, making Taiwan safer and stronger!"

VIVOTEK Award-winning four network cameras:

Ultra-mini fixed dome network camera FD8168: The FD8168 is an ultra-mini size fixed dome network camera with an elegant design, especially suitable for indoor applications in which discreetness is of utmost importance. Featuring 2-Megapixel CMOS Sensors, the FD8168 can produce superb image quality around the clock.

Ultra-mini bullet network camera IB8168: The IB8168 is a 2-Megapixel ultra-mini bullet network camera. Similar to the FD8168, the camera is especially ideal for indoor applications in which cameras need to blend in with the surroundings.

IR fisheye network camera FE8181V: The FE8181V is a 5-Megapixel fisheye network camera. The removable IR-cut filter for Day & Night functionality and a built-in 10 meter IR Illuminator for uniform lighting across a 360° surround view make the camera standout in the fisheye camera market.

Split-type camera system VC8201: The VC8201 is comprised of two recessed dome type camera units, the CU8131 and CU8171, and a VC8201 video core. Specifically designed for use with the VC8201, the bodies of these camera units are much more compact than general network cameras, making them easier to install and harder to notice.