VIVOTEK Officially Passes TIPS 2014

Taipei, Taiwan – VIVOTEK takes great honor in announcing its passing of the 2014 Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS) verification, for which VIVOTEK shall be attending the "TIPS 2014 Verified Institution Exchange and Commendation Summit" hosted by the Science and Technology Law Institute on 23 March 2015 to accept such an honor.

VIVOTEK is a technology-oriented network surveillance system brand. It possesses a strong R&D team, owns core media compression technologies, and demonstrates superior technology integration and product development capabilities. These advantages have enabled VIVOTEK to continuously launch innovative, high-quality products, for which it has received numerous international awards. Since 2011, VIVOTEK has established the Intellectual Property Management Division to protect its R&D achievements and intellectual properties, and enhance the innovation of its R&D staffs. VIVOTEK's R&D department operates under a 4-point policy, which comprises "the development of key technologies," "the reduction of operating risks," "the strengthening of intellectual property distribution," and "the creation of intellectual property value." To further strengthen competitiveness and effectively utilize company intellectual properties, VIVOTEK incorporated TIPS in 2014 to establish a more complete and systematic intellectual property management system. The tangible benefits that the TIPS outlines generate for enterprises include the effective integration of R&D and intellectual property development, the increase of the number of intellectual properties, the reduction of operating costs incurred by repeated R&D and infringement, the establishment of a trademark management mechanism, the enhancement of handling intellectual property disputes and litigations, and the formulation of management measures for confidential documents, environments, equipment, and staff. These benefits simultaneously reduce operating risks and create operating income.

The Chairman of VIVOTEK, Mr. Owen Chen, asserted, "We extend our deepest gratitude to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Science and Technology Law Institute for their long-running efforts in promoting TIPS. VIVOTEK is proud to have formally passed the 2014 TIPS verification, which has enabled us to create a comprehensive intellectual property management system and enhanced the protection over our R&D achievements. TIPS has not only increased VIVOTEK's reputation and elevated the confidence of our clients and strategic partners, but also enhanced our global competiveness."