VIVOTEK Wins Golden Excellence Award at CPSE 2015

Taipei, Taiwan. – After the announcing of its 1.3-Megapixel resolution box network camera, the IP8155HP, VIVOTEK won the "Golden Excellence Award" at the 15th China Public Security Expo for Security & Protection (CPSE 2015). The Golden Excellence award, bestowed by the China Public Security Expo, represents the highest honor of China’s public security industry. This award gives recognition to the most outstanding and innovative surveillance products, a status that VIVOTEK’s IP8155HP well deserved.

Setting apart from the field, VIVOTEK’s IP8155HP features a simple yet professional functionality. It incorporates advanced Wide Dynamic Range Technology, WDR Pro II, empowering the camera to maintain optimal image quality and deliver unparalleled clarity under high-contrast lighting environments. To conquer the challenges of low-light conditions, IP8155HP is also equiped with 3DNR (3-Dimensional Noise Reduction) and SNV (Supreme Night Visibility), enabling the camera to supress noise and capture clear video even in the dimmest light. Helping system installers achieve the very best focus more easily, VIVOTEK’s IP8155HP also features Smart Focus, allowing focus to be adjusted directly from the camera's software interface and making image adjustment both simpler and more efficient.

Stacey Lien, Department manager of VIVOTEK’s International sales department II, said "VIVOTEK’s IP8155HP offers professional design paired with extensive capability. Winning the Golden Excellence award at CPSE 2015 reflects the strong commitment on the part of VIVOTEK to deliver high quality products and outstanding surveillance solutions.

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