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Customer-facing businesses have never had so much potential to collect data on every aspect of their store operations. How do they interpret this information for their business? How do they utilize it to increase sales and revenue? Business Intelligence (BI) providers who can successfully leverage multiple data sources and analytics will lead the way. VIVOTEK exclusive retail BI (In-Camera) – Heatmap provides complete and fully-integrated solutions for retail owners to quickly identify the problems and efficiently improve their store management.


Heatmap Easy Setup

Easy Setup

  • No Need for an dditional PC
  • Direct Access via Web-Service
  • Easy Configuration
  • Embedded Application in Camera
Heatmap Reliable Analytics

Reliable Analytics

  • Statistical Occupancy Function Based on Video Image Analysis
  • Real-Time Analytics and Viewing
  • High Accuracy
  • Heatmap Powerful Capabilities

    Powerful Capabilities

  • Surveillance & BI in One Single VIVOTEK IP Camera
  • Built-in Reports within a Specific Time-Range
  • Export and Save Statistical Data on Network Storage
  • Easy to Understand Your Customers’ Behavior

    Heatmap Identify Traffic Intensity & Flow

    Identify Traffic Intensity & Flow

    With store layout optimization, retailers can use heat map information to improve management effectiveness. Quickly identify customer flow and purchasing opportunities, evaluate in-store promotional campaigns, and efficient deployment of support staff.

    Heatmap Intuitive Color Visualization

    Intuitive Color Visualization

    By automatically generating statistical analysis with the ‘hot spots’ & ‘dead zones’ of customers’ path flow, the frequency of the movements is shown in different colors on a heatmap. Red represents a lot of people trafficking that area, and Blue represents lower customer activity.

    Heatmap Real-time Chart Report and Graph Data

    Real-time Chart Report and Graph Data

    Heatmap make it easy to understand interactive charts within the UI. The data visualization lets you select different time segments of the data to see what exactly changed and moved. Owners can easily find out what happened at the highest/lowest points, or any segment you are interested in.

    Heatmap 3 Graphic Heatmap Modes

    3 Graphic Heatmap Modes

    Heatmap provides 3 modes of different application analysis. 'Path Analytics' is for the percentage share of various movement paths. Other modes like ‘Dwell Map’and ‘Customer Activity’, can adequately provide retail operators information to enhance their business.

    Heatmap Cross-day Query up to 31 Days

    Cross-day Query up to 31 Days

    Heatmap provides different time range selections for users:

    • Single day by time: queried by hour, with a limitation of 24hrs.
    • Cross days by calendar: queried from days to one month.

    In-depth Information for Retailers

    Heatmap Info

    In-Store Management

    • Measure the path flow of customers to optimize staff and customer service.
    • Compare the effectiveness of different in-store product placements and identif best-seller spots.

    Marketing Effectiveness Analysis

    • Collect data to measure product attractions and campaign performance.
    • Compare the effectiveness of different promotional events over time.

    Visual Traffic Monitoring

    • Heatmaps of visits in different areas of the store.
    • Quickly identify store hot spots, dead areas and bottlenecks.
    • Flow maps inside the store.

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