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VIVOTEK’s retail solutions provide stores with clear, powerful surveillance to improve loss prevention, secure transactions and provide intelligent analytics in order to aide retail management. VIVOTEK offers various and highly accurate video analytic functions in smart-edge devices, fulfilling single and multi-location operations and helping operators to make the right choices in the competitive retail industry.


Retail technology


VIVOTEK’s products provide advanced integrated applications with secure surveillance, VCA, and cloud management.

Retail Reliability Complete Solution

Complete Solution

VIVOTEK provides highly accurate retail intelligence for business insight, including stereo people counting, heat map, and POS integration.

Retail Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Embedded with a smart edge structure for video analysis solutions, VIVOTEK enhances installation in any compact space without the need for an onsite PC.

Retail Trust


World-class IP surveillance solution provider with nearly 20-year experience in the retail industry.

Retail Service & Warranty

Service & Warranty

Industry-leading experts in product and service, guarantee to keep retail operations up and running.


Insights into store management

Retail People Counting

People Counting

Provide high accuracy people counting analysis to optimize store management.

Retail Zone Counting

Zone Counting

Gain real-time precise zone-analytics to control service time and allocate human resource.

Retail Heat Map

Heat Map

Enhance in-store management through traffic data to generate visual analytics.

Retail POS Integration

POS Integration

POS real-time monitoring with transaction details to prevent store loss and lower retail shrinkage.


Integrated secure system for retails

Retail Clear Evidence

Clear Evidence

Deliver clear, reliable video evidence, protect merchandise, and prevent thefts in stores with low-profile IP system.

Retail Remote Playback

Remote Playback

Retrieve videos intuitively and rapidly confirm suspicious events through timeline interface.

Retail Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

VIVOTEK IP solution can prevent store loss and inventory shrinkage through video search for abnormal activities.

Retail VIVOCloud


Empower In-store management anytime, anywhere. Easy setup, share devices, receive alarm notification and easy access from mobile devices or cross-platform web portal.

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