Introducing SIA

VIVOTEK launches the Solution Integration Alliance (SIA) program, which aims to agglomerate vendors from all sectors, incorporate VIVOTEK products into a variety of software and hardware platforms, and ultimately create comprehensive surveillance solutions that meet the diversified needs of different users.

To guarantee that partners are able to effectively acquire resources that meet their area of expertise, partners are assigned into 4 categories based on specialization, namely, Video Management Partner, Application Partner, Hardware Partner, and VIVOTEK Application Development Platform (VADP) Partner.

  • The Video Management Partner - This category consists of vendors specializing in video management systems and related software, and focuses on creating advanced solutions by integrating VIVOTEK and vendor products. VAPI program
  • The Application Partner – This category is for software or hardware vendors on advanced requirement or special project needs, to set-up a safety and convenient environment, such as video analytics, POS, alarm system and access control system to recognize, analyze, give warning, or authorize access together with VIVOTEK products.
  • The Hardware Partner - This category is designed for vendors specializing in the hardware components of surveillance systems.
  • The VADP Partner category is for software developers who wish to create stand-alone applications or plug-in modules running on the VIVOTEK camera Application Development Platform (VADP).

SIA Partnership Categories

Join VIVOTEK's SIA today, and elevate the competitive stance of your company by creating perfectly-integrated and feature-intensive products and providing clients with mainstream and  prospective surveillance solutions. For more information on becoming a partner of this constantly-expanding network, please please email us

Please note Vendors that are assigned into the categories of Video Management Partner, Application Partner, or Hardware Partners are required to clearly list VIVOTEK as a mutual partner on their respective websites.

Vendors are required to complete and submit the Online Partnership Survey

Read more about the VIVOTEK SIA

VAPI (VIVOTEK Application Programming Interface) Program

By making resources accessible, VIVOTEK aims to assist video management partners in fully integrating VIVOTEK products into their own products, accelerating R&D and product testing, and customizing products using the unique features of VIVOTEK, thereby creating greater added-value for the end-user.

  • Partner must use the VIVOTEK WebAPI for integration. They are also required to place the VIVOTEK logo and list supporting model(s) on their website.
  • For partners who have completed the VAPI program, VIVOTEK shall place a "VAPI" icon next to the partner's logo on its Video Management Partner Page to highlight its close technical integration with its partners.
  • VIVOTEK would publish press releases and e-news reports based on the specific functions that partners have provided to VIVOTEK products, joint marketing events, and partner ranking.