SNV (Supreme Night Visibility): Show You True Colors at Night

VIVOTEK's SNV technology makes high-quality full-color surveillance video possible under low-light conditions

Challenges in Low Light Conditions

Low light levels have always been a severe challenge for cameras, and the problem is particularly acute for security cameras, which are often tasked with capturing clear video in poor lighting conditions. The inclusion of infrared capabilities marked a significant advance, allowing usable video to be captured with little or even no visible light, but still represents a less-than-complete solution, since only monochrome footage can be captured. Color, after all, can be a critical factor in the success of security applications. For example, if the facial features of a person of interest in surveillance video are visible, the color of the person's hair, eyes, skin or clothes may offer the best hope of eventual identification.

VIVOTEK's Innovative SNV Technology

VIVOTEK's SNV (Supreme Night Visibility) provides an innovative solution for enabling low-light surveillance video of sufficient quality to satisfy the requirements of demanding applications-for example, street-level surveillance at night or the monitoring of poorly illuminated indoor spaces such as warehouses. VIVOTEK has been able to achieve this breakthrough by incorporating advanced low-light video capture technologies. Its SNV-equipped cameras feature ultra-sensitive optical sensors that capture high-quality color video even in extreme dark environments, complemented by advanced signal processing that ensures sufficient contrast and accurate color reproduction, as well as 3D noise reduction to reveal detail and improve overall clarity.

SNV - iPhone X iPhone X @ 0.3 Lux
SNV - Conventional IPCam Conventional IPCam @ 0.3 Lux
SNV - IB9365-EHT IB9365-EHT @ 0.3 Lux

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