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Reliable Transportation Monitoring Systems

A high-quality video monitoring system is crucial for ensuring passenger safety in all modes of public transport. Onboard and wayside surveillance serve many purposes: they act as a deterrent preventing crime; allow security personnel to react swiftly to any irregularities; and provide recordings for post-event analysis to help identify culprits. Extended functionalities of a system may include operational awareness for maneuvering, accurate passenger counting, and emergency video communication.

Fully cognizant of the complexity and specialized requirements of transportation projects, VIVOTEK offers a growing portfolio of certified products equipped with dedicated features and functionalities. VIVOTEK Transportation Solution portfolio allows users to build highly reliable, advanced systems perfectly suited for use in mass transportation.

Transportation Extended Solution Portfolio

Extended Solution Portfolio

Adding to the numerous types of cameras and recording equipment needed to build a comprehensive monitoring system, VIVOTEK also offers a scalable integration-ready software platform and advanced edge analytics, helping to transition everyday transportation surveillance systems into the smart IoT era.

Transportation Reliability And Rugged Design

Reliability and Rugged Design

VIVOTEK Transportation Solution equipment is built and tested to endure harsh environmental conditions including extreme temperatures, heavy precipitation, mechanical impact, electromagnetic interference and vibrations. All models feature streamlined rugged metal housings with high IP and IK ratings to ensure maximum reliability for security monitoring.

Transportation Industry Standards And Certifications.png

Industry Standards and Certifications

VIVOTEK products designed for transport applications are complaint with the strictest norms and regulations required by international law and transportation authorities, including tests for fire and smoke, temperature, EMI shock and vibrations. Devices designed for in-vehicle onboard use are certified to EN50155 standard for rolling stocks, as wells as other vehicle-related norms.

Transportation Specialized Functionalities

Specialized Functionalities

VIVOTEK Transportation Solution products come with numerous advanced features created specifically to resolve key issues commonly encountered in transport projects. Smart-edge devices with intelligent features like People Counting or Tampering Detection allow for functionality beyond regular surveillance.

Transportation Design Flexibility And Customizations

Design Flexibility and Customizations

In order to satisfy the unique needs of our customers in the transportation sector, VIVOTEK offers great flexibility of product customizations. Combining any lens, cabling options or more complex firmware and hardware modifications, our project consultants are ready to offer a solution based on individual project needs.

Transportation Long Term Product Support

Long-term Product Support

With full consideration of the long-term perspective of transportation deployments, VIVOTEK carefully plans products life-cycle and ensures compatibility of future product generations with regard to technical specifications and dimensions in order to streamline project maintenance.

Enhanced Security Onboard Rolling Stock

Exterior and Interior Monitoring • Passenger Counting • Emergency Communication

Beyond security monitoring aimed at ensuring passenger safety, onboard video monitoring systems prove highly useful in rolling stock operations and maneuvering, providing drivers with direct views from the front and the rear of a vehicle, as well as allowing for status control of doors, tracks, coupling mechanisms, and pantographs. Purpose-built VIVOTEK mobile models are equipped with a range of functionalities specifically designed for such applications, making them the perfect fit for railway scenarios.

Transportation Fast Auto Exposure

Fast Auto Exposure

Transportation N50155 Certification<

EN50155 Certification

Transportation Invisible IR

Invisible IR

Transportation Fireproof Design

Fireproof Design

Transportation M12 Connectors

M12 Connectors

Transportation Wide Temperature Range

Wide Temperature Range

Transportation Rolling Stock

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Effective Security for Buses and Trucks

Road and Interior Monitoring • Passenger Counting • Route Tracking

VIVOTEK Transportation Solution can be deployed onboard a full range of vehicles including: buses and trolley buses used in mass transit; fleets of trucks, tankers, and special purpose vehicles such as police cars, fire-trucks, and ambulances. High-quality video monitoring used for safety reasons and overall situational awareness can be further extended with the addition of features such as passenger counting or GPS tracking, empowering users to boost onboard security and receive valuable passenger flow data for route schedule and ticketing optimization.


Video Rotation

Transportation WDR Pro


Transportation E-Mark Certification

E-Mark Certification

Transportation Extreme Weatherproof Design

Extreme Weatherproof Design

Transportation Vandal-proof Design

Vandal-proof Design

Transportation Tampering Detection

Tampering Detection

Transportation Vehicles

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Ensuring Passenger Safety at Stations and Terminals

Scalable Monitoring Systems • Advanced Event and Alarm Management • Edge Analytics

A full spectrum of VIVOTEK’s advanced monitoring and recording equipment can be used to efficiently secure every corner of transit area surroundings. With unified integration-ready platform, high resolution live feeds enable security staff to react immediately to any potential threat, while stored recordings allow for forensic post-incident analysis. Advanced edge analytics further enhance systems capabilities, providing useful data for passenger flow optimization and effective space allocation.


Panoramic View

Transportation P-iris Lens

P-iris Lens

Transportation VADP Platform

VADP Platform

Transportation Edge VCA

Edge VCA

Transportation Smart Stream II

Smart Stream II

Transportation Video Wall

Video Wall

Transportation Passenger Station

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Keep a Keen Eye on Rail Crossings and Infrastructure

Wide Area Monitoring • Key Infrastructure Security • Intelligent Detection

VIVOTEK Transportation Solution portfolio features the right equipment to keep important railway equipment safe, level crossings secured, and wayside areas properly monitored. With robust outdoor-ready models fitted with long-range zoom and IR illumination capabilities, powered by industrial-grade network equipment, efficient and reliable surveillance can be achieved for any transport application.

Transportation Vari-angle IR

Vari-angle IR

Transportation Long-range Zoom

Long-range Zoom

Transportation Supreme Night Visibility

Supreme Night Visibility

Transportation Electronic Image Stabilization

Electronic Image Stabilization

Transportation Remote Focus

Remote Focus

Transportation 3D Noise Reduction

3D Noise Reduction

Transportation Passenger Station

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