VIVOTEK Application Development Platform

The VADP (VIVOTEK Application Development Platform) is an open development platform that allows developers to create third-party stand-alone applications or plug-in modules that enhance the features of VIVOTEK network cameras. Such applications enable VIVOTEK products to better meet the demands of system-integrators, resellers, and end-users, and can further be used to customize VIVOTEK products to create vertical solutions. Key functions developed using VADP include line crossing, field detection, object counting, heat map, and more.

To further spur exciting new developments in this area, SIA's VADP Partner category is designed to provide partners with the software-development-kits (SDK) for the VADP and any relevant technical documents and support. In addition, partners have access to a variety of tutorials, guidelines, and tools to assist them in integrating their software with specific VIVOTEK products. VIVOTEK is also happy to provide ongoing and dedicated technical support to our partners. Moreover, software created by partners is publicly listed on the VIVOTEK website under the compatible camera models. This elevates exposure of the software to attract potential customers and increase the loyalty of existing users.

VADP Partners can take advantage of the VIVOTEK Application Development Platform (VADP), which provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use framework for developing.

In addition, the VADP Partner program provides free dedicated technical support, access to technical tools and documentation, and other resources to facilitate the development of software applications.

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