VIVOTEK - Plug & Play Auto Setup - Thumbnail & Smart Search - 2.5D Visualization eMap - Problem Feedback Mechanism | Professional Video/Central Management Software VAST2


A Wide Array of Features for Real-world Needs

VIVOTEK VAST 2 is an easy to use IP video management software (VMS). With its exciting advancements and wide array of features, users will enjoy a breathtaking-new experience and manage their security system easier than ever before.

Intuitive UI Design

Direct intuitive custom layout adjustment and fisheye ROI control for better security management experience.

Intuitive UI Design

Auto Setup

Easy configuration through a fully automated process. Saves user's time and cost to install surveillance devices.

Auto Setup

Problem Feedback Mechanism

Quick detect system problem and feedback to VIVOTEK’s FAE system via automatic popup or manual operation.

Problem Feedback Mechanism

Multi-Monitor & Tabs

Manage unlimited tasks with multiple screens for intuitive and easy surveillance.

VAST2 Screen 1

Screen 1

VAST2 Screen 2

Screen 2

Advanced Search

Efficiently search suspicious video and specific events with thumbnail view and smart search.

Thumbnail Search

Thumbnail Search

Smart Search

Smart Search

Evidence Lock

Manually extend the retention time for video recordings and manage a high number of investigation scenarios.

Evidence Lock - main
Evidence Lock - bookmark

2.5D Visualization eMap

Multiple layers and camera's FOV views allow users instantly to pinpoint a selected camera located on the map.

2.5D Visualization eMap-1
2.5D Visualization eMap-2

Export Evidence

Easily export multiple video recordings with custom layouts in a specific time period or instant snapshot with a fast click.





Schedule Backup

Automatically backs up the recording video clip to another network storage device.

Schedule Backup

VCA Report

Integrate VIVOTEK’s intelligence cameras to provide visual reports including video feedback, tables and charts.

Counting LiveView

Counting LiveView

Counting Report

Counting Report


VIVOTEK’s VAST 2 is an easy to use IP video management software (VMS). To meet users’ real-world needs, it comes with exciting advancements such as easy operation on single or multiple monitors, custom layout to fit both in corridor and panorama format, rapid export of multi-channel video and acquiring VCA analytics with integrated cameras.

VAST 2 supports smart search and thumbnail search for advanced video search applications. Smart search provides users to easily set critical areas with a custom zone setting. Thumbnail search produces the snapshot preview to reduce the chance of selecting the wrong image. Both ways allow for smarter and quicker searches of specific events. To efficiently solve users’ problems and system bugs, VAST 2 provides an automatic problem feedback mechanism to directly connect to VIVOTEK’s FAE system. Any feedback will be handled instantly.

Utilizing automatic configuration wizards, VAST 2 can significantly reduce the time and cost of installing multiple camera surveillance systems. With more advanced setup features such as logical tree, camera configuration, archive management and recording schedule backup solutions, VAST 2 provides easy and intuitive UI with rich functionality to meet the needs of any customer. For efficient video management, VAST 2 also provides multi-layered, interactive 2.5D maps, and sophisticated alarm management. Furthermore, VAST 2’s add-on solutions include failover protection, a transportation solution with GPS coordinates, transaction solutions with POS integration and Data Magnet integration solutions. All of these features combine to make VAST 2 the perfect VMS for use in retail, banking, transportation, and industrial applications.

New Features

  • Dashboard for System Overview
  • MAC Client Supported
  • User Management Enhancement
  • Wiper Blade Control
  • Change Google MAP API Key
  • Setup Record by Each Event Type
  • View Settings for View Cell
  • System Status Display

Key Features

  • Easy to Support Multi-Monitor as Tabs
  • Windows Active Directory Integration
  • Automatic Problem Feedback Mechanism
  • Add-on Solutions: Failover, Transportation, Transaction and Data Magnet Integration
  • Auto Streaming Size for Client Application
  • Multiple Fisheye Dewarp Modes Support
  • Custom Layout to Fit Different Camera Type
  • Full Screen View
  • Advanced Search (Smart & Thumbnail Search)
  • Evidence Lock
  • Multi-Video Export with Custom Layouts
  • Log/Alarm Search & Export
  • All New Matrix for Video Wall Solution
  • Counting Solution Integrate with VCA Report/Counting Cameras
  • Device Packs for Extending New VIVOTEK Cameras
  • Panoramic PTZ Support


Empower Your Solution with VAST 2’s Add-ons

Add extra value and functionality to your video installation by extending your system with VAST 2. The Add-ons allow you to create custom surveillance solutions for specific industry needs as below. (Additional charge might apply.)

Description Reliable backup system designed to transfer recording tasks from N sites to M sites upon the rare occurrence of disk or other malfunction. VAST 2 can trace vehicles through information provided from GPS receivers, track vehicles’real-time location, and playback videos with recorded visited paths. Retains all transaction details including not only POS data but also associated video footage to create deeper POS knowledge. Enter search conditions to filter transactions more easily.
  • N x M System Structure
  • Google Map and User-Defined Maps Support
  • Vehicle GPS Tracking
  • POS Terminal Integration (Series Port or Network)
  • Transaction Data Live Printing
  • Transaction Corresponding Video Search

Can’t find the add-on you want?
Please contact us for more information.


Version 2.3
Auto Wizard Plug & Play Auto Setup
Max. Number of Cameras* Unlimited
Max. Number of Servers* Unlimited
Max. Number of Clients Unlimited
Support OS Windows 10, 8, 7
Windows Server 2012, 2016
Virtual Matrix Supported* VAST 2 Matrix
Mobile Support iViewer (iOS/Android)
Tabs Support* Supported
Devices Pack Ver. 5.9.206
LiveView (Local Display)
Max. Channels* 64-channel per monitor
(Supports up to 8 Monitors)
Layout Equal: 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8
Panorama: 1P+6, 2P, 2P+3, 3P
Focus: 1+12, 1+16, 1+3, 1+5, 1+7, 1+9, 2+8
Vertical: 1V+6, 2V+2, 2V+3, 3V, 3V+4, 4V, 4V+4, 5V
Single Layout Display
Custom Layout Supported
Layout Configuration Saving Supported
Layout Rotation Supported
Stream Application Stream Selection & Auto Stream Size
View Application Drag & Drop
Remote I/O Control
PiP (Digital Zoom)
Instant Playback
Video Display Mode (Aspect Ratio & Camera Information)
Metadata Display (VCA, POS and Data Magnet)
Fisheye Dewarp Mode 1O, 1P, 1R, 1O3R, 4R, 2P, 4R Pro, 1O8R
Fisheye Auto-Pan Supported
Wiper Blade Control Supported
Max. Channels* 64-channel per monitor
(Supported monitor depends on PC decoding efficacy)
Layout Equal: 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8
Panorama: 1P+6, 2P, 2P+3, 3P
Focus: 1+12, 1+16, 1+3, 1+5, 1+7, 1+9, 2+8
Vertical: 1V+6, 2V+2, 2V+3, 3V, 3V+4, 4V, 4V+4, 5V
Single Layout Display
Custom Layout Supported
Playback Mode Asynchronous & Synchronous
Playback Control Play, Rewind, Pause, Stop, Next/Previous Frame, 1/64X ~ 64X Speed Control, Bookmark
Playback Timeline Scale Adjustment
Event Timeline Interval Display
Search Mode Calendar, Alarm, Bookmark, Thumbnail, Smart & Transaction (POS), Log
Evidence Lock Supported
Video Format MJPEG, MPEG4, H.264 AVC, H.264 SVC, H.265
Video Resolution Up to 12 Megapixels
Audio Format G.711, G.726, AMR, AAC
Audio Capability Two-way Audio
Audio Control Mute
Recording Time (sec.) Pre-Record: 3-15, Post-Record: 10-60
Recording Stream Type Unicast
Recording Stream Single
Recording Mode Continuous, Event, Customized Schedule, Activity Adaptive Streaming
Recording Setting Recycle (Depends on Storage Size)
Recording File Format 3GP
External Storage Recording NAS (SMB & CIFS)
Alarm Management
Alarm Period (sec.) Max. 30
Alarm Filter Name, Time, Trigger Type (Camera/Substation/System)
Alarm Setting Realtime System Notification
Schedule Type Continuous, Schedule
Camera Source Camera Disconnected, Camera DI, Camera DO, Crowd Detection, Field Detection (VCA), IR (Infrared), Line Crossing (VCA), Loitering (VCA), Motion Detection, Smart Motion Detection (Human Detection, Time Filter), PIR (Passive infrared), Recording Error, Stop Recording, Tampering Detection, Temperature, Video Loss (Video server only), ONVIF Motion Event, ONVIF DI/O, ONVIF Video Lost/Restore
Substation Source NV Series NVR**: Abnormal G-sensor Motion, Speeding, GPS Disconnected
ND Series NVR: Fan Status, Network Disconnected, Storage Failure, Storage Full
NR Series NVR: Network Disconnected, Storage Failure, Storage Full
External Devices Event DI/O (with I/O Box), TCP Message
Action Start to record videos, Set DO status, Go to camera presets, Send HTTP requests, Send live streaming, Send Mail with Snapshot of Assigned camera(s), Go to E-Map and Alarm sound
Alarm State for Management New, In Progress, False Alarm and Close
Alarm Result Export .csv file
Source Import Picture & Folder
Adjustment Vertical Angle Adjustment
Marked Add, Remove, Direction Control, PTZ Control, FOV Control, LiveView & Playback
Event Notification One or More Live Streaming
PTZ Control Mouse Draw & Drag Control
PTZ Operation Direction Control, Home, Zoom, Focus, Preset, Patrol (Group), Tracking, Pan, Stop, Speed
PTZ Operation Mode Click to Move & Continuous Move
Snapshot PNG & JPEG
Snapshot for Dewarped Fisheye Camera
Export File 3GP & EXE
Layout Single & Multiple layout display
Custom Layout According to playback export layout configuration
Playback Mode Asynchronous & Synchronous
Playback Control Play, Rewind, Pause, Stop, Next/Previous Frame, 1/64X ~ 64X Speed Control
Playback Timeline Scale Adjustment
Event Timeline Interval Display
Snapshot PNG & JPEG
Export Video 3GP
Schedule NAS (SMB & CIFS)
User Management
Authentication Basic Account/Windows AD Account
User Level Administrator, Customized User
User Control Client Permission (Operation & Configuration) & Camera Permission
Dashboard Supported
System Error List Supported
Server System Status Display CPU/Memory/Network
Client System Status Display CPU/Memory
Date & Time Sync PC
Network SMTP & HTTPS
Language Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Diagnostic Service Supported
Log Management Supported
MAC Client Supported*
  • * Limitations of MAC Client
    1. Video can only be exported in 3GP format.
    2. AD login cannot be setup in MAC client.
    3. MAC client only supports the joystick AJ001.
  • Device Integration
    VIVOTEK Network Camera 8000 & 9000 Series
    VIVOTEK NVR ND & NR & NV Series** (ND8321 excluded)
    VIVOTEK Software VAST 2
    VIVOTEK Joystick AJ-002
    I/O Box Advantech ADAM-6000 Series
    MOXA ioLogik E1210, E1211 and E1212
    POS (Add-ons) POSNET
    Allsense (Implement in NVR, Searchable in VAST 2)
    Camera Integration
    Camera Insert Manual & Search
    Video Source VIVOTEK, ONVIF & RTSP Streaming
    Basic Setting User Name, Password & Camera Model Detection
    Connection Setting Configuration Protocol: HTTP, HTTPS
    Streaming Protocol: TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS
    Video Setting Video stream, codec, resolution, maximum frame rate, I-frame period, video quality, FPS, Maximum bit rate
    Image Setting Time stamp, Video title, Video orientation, Mount type (fisheye only), Color, Power line-frequency
    Motion Detection Setting Supported
    ONVIF Core Spec Version 2.2 or above (request by project)
    ONVIF Stream Video (H.264, MPEG4 & MJPEG) & Audio (G.711, One-way)
    ONVIF Control PTZ Control (Up, Down, Left, Right & Zoom In/Out)
    ONVIF Discovery Supported
    ONVIF Event Motion Event, DI/O, Video Lost/Restore
    VCA Solution
    VCA for Surveillance Line Crossing Detection, Loitering Detection, Field Detection
    VCA for Business Intelligence People Counting
    Advanced Features
    VIVOTEK Exclusives Panoramic PTZ
    Seamless Recording
    Standard VCA Integration (Line Crossing, Loitering, Field Detection and Crowd Detection)
    VCA Counting
    Failover Solution N x M System Structure
    3rd Party Integration TCP Message, Data Magnet
    Transportation Solution Google Map and User-Defined Maps Support, Vehicle GPS Tracking, Tracks Playback
    Transaction Solution POS Terminal Integration (Serial or Network Ports), Live Printing of Transactional Data, Transaction Corresponding Video Search
    Integration Solution TCP Trigger

    * Please refer to System Requirements Page (
    ** VIVOTEK's NV series NVR will be available soon.
    *** Advanced license is required. (Additional charges may apply)

    VAST2 Server

    Server (Recording Channels) Up to 64-CH Up to 128-CH Up to 256-CH
    CPU 4th Generation Intel ®
    Core i3 Processors
    or above
    4th Generation Intel ®
    Core i5 Processors
    or above
    RAM 4GB or above 8GB or above 8GB or above
    Hard Drive (Enterprise Model Only) Suggestion 1 Volume Group* 2 Volume Group* 4 Volume Group*
    Recording Throughput 1 Volume Group: Max. 200 Mbps**
    Network Interface Card 1000/100/10 Ethernet***
    * Volume group depends on total recording server throughput.
    ** Maximum number bitrate of cameras not to go over total recording throughput.
    *** Please consider the throughput of viewing, recording and server's network.

    VAST2 LiveView & Playback

    Client (Display Channels) H.264, 720P, 2Mbps for Each Channel* 8-CH 16-CH 32-CH
    H.264, 1080P, 4Mbps for Each Channel** 6-CH 10-CH 18-CH
    H.265, 1080P, 4Mbps for Each Channel 3-CH 5-CH 9-CH
    CPU 4th Generation Intel ® Core i3 Processors 4th Generation Intel ® Core i5 Processors 4th Generation Intel ® Core i7 Processors
    RAM*** 4GB or above 4GB or above 4GB or above
    Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)**** Support Direct3D acceleration with 1GB Video RAM
    Network Interface Card 1000/100/10 Ethernet
    * Display requirements of a 3MP fisheye camera is equal to a 720P camera.
    ** Display requirements of a 5MP fisheye camera is equal to a 1080P camera.
    *** Please use dual-channel setup for RAM.
    **** Please update to the latest version of GPU driver.
    If installing Server & Client in the same PC, overall loading of the PC will be evaluated.
    • 60-day trial camera license (256-channels)
    • 60-day trial add-on advanced license

    Tutorials - Auto Setup

    Tutorials - Multi-Monitor & Tabs

    Tutorials - Layout, Custom Layout & View Tour

    Tutorials - Digital Zoom & PTZ

    Tutorials - Fisheye Dewarp

    Tutorials - Playback Control

    Tutorials - Synchronous Playback

    Tutorials - Bookmark Search

    Tutorials - Smart Search

    Tutorials - Thumbnail Search

    Tutorials - POS Search

    Tutorials - Alarm Search

    Tutorials - Export Evidence - Snapshot & Video

    Tutorials - Device Management

    Tutorials - Recording Settings

    Tutorials - Schedule Backup

    Tutorials - Alarm Management

    Tutorials - User Management

    Tutorials - Failover Setup

    Tutorials - System Management

    Tutorials - E-Map

    Tutorials - VCA Counting


    * VAST 2 provides two installation versions, including Free Standard Version (32-CH, support VIVOTEK Cameras) and Trial Version (256-CH, support VIVOTEK & ONVIF Cameras).
    * The Trial Version will become to the Free Version after 60 days. Users can purchase the license to remove the limitation.

    [ Upgrade Statement ]
    * Only VAST v. and later versions are supported for this upgrade. Because the features in VAST and VAST 2 are quite different, only Recordings & Camera List will be kept after upgrading to VAST 2. Once upgraded to VAST 2, users will also need to reset alarm settings, user permissions, recording schedules, etc.
    * The installing/upgrading in embedded system is not a recommendation. Due to the current version isn’t optimized for embedded system usage, there might be some issues occurred when users install/upgrade VAST 2 in embedded system (e.g. NR-series)

    VAST (Oct. 2018)

      • Dashboard
        • System error list.
        • Server CPU/Memory/Network usage information.
      • MAC Client.
      • Alarm management
        • Support MOXA I/O Box E-12xx series.
        • Support to attached snapshots of assigned camera(s) in send mail action.
      • System settings
        • User permission for operation and configuration.
        • Server port setup.
        • Device pack update.
        • Setup reserve time for alarm and log.
        • Disable/Enable NTP server when user insert camera(s).
      • Camera integration
        • Support to control wiper blade (in specific model).
      • Matrix
        • Support camera tour.
        • Support dashboard.
      • Other:
        • Support to generate dewarped snapshot from fisheye camera.
        • Support to change Google map API.
        • Support to select specific event(s) for event recording.
        • Customize view information setup for view cell.
        • Show client CPU/Memory information on the toolbar.
        • Full screen
        • Icon grouping
      • Smart search cannot show snapshot normally in specific cases. – Fixed.
      • Login tab will overlay other tabs when user setup in “On startup” settings. – Fixed.
      • Camera logical tree will hang more than 3 seconds when there are huge cameras in the tree. – Fixed.
      • Alarm list cannot show snapshot normally. – Fixed.
      • Alarm action doesn’t work when user delete the action and re-add the same action. – Fixed.
      • NAS path cannot display traditional-Chinese correctly when user install VAST2 in English OS. – Fixed.
      • Alarm trigger failed when user select trigger source from ONVIF camera. – Fixed.
      • Client will crash when user select date/time in Thai Language. – Fixed.
      • Event recording stopped abnormally. – Fixed.
      • VAST2 abnormal logout automatically. – Fixed.
      • Standalone player cannot start normally. – Fixed.
      • Streaming disconnected abnormally duo to the handle leak. – Fixed.
      • Recording is unstable when user upgrade from 5600 to 7010. – Fixed.
      • Different brightness level between VAST2 and captured snapshot. – Fixed.

    VAST (Jul, 2018)

      • For alarm management
        • Alarm list
        • Alarm acknowledge
        • Alarm sound
        • Alarm result export
      • Data magnet integration
        • Live viewing with meta-data.
        • Playback with meta-data.
        • Search meta-data by different criteria
        • Search result export
      • VAST2 license rule changed for VS/MA series camera
      • Support panoramic PTZ
      • All new matrix in VAST2, support:
        • Live view
        • Alarm list and tab
        • Google map and e-map
        • Multiple monitors
      • Support add camera by TCP, UDP, HTTP and HTTPS.
      • Support domain name when user add NAS storage.
      • Support secured transmission when user send the feedback back to VIVOTEK server.
      • Add privacy policy details in VAST2 feedback feature.
      • Log search result can be exported as CSV file.
      • Update VCA report regularly (Range: from 1 minute to 1 day).
      • VCA report cannot display rule name correctly when user use non-English character. Fixed.
      • The VCA data will show wrong result when user used Arabic OS system. Fixed.
      • Cannot use domain name when user add a NAS recording storage. Fixed.
      • Generate VAST2 license failed when there are too many devices in this server. Fixed.

    VAST (Apr, 2018)

      • Shown server log history in log management.
      • Mount local database which exported from NVR.
      • Support VIVOTEK camera new event type: crowd detection and human filter motion detection.
      • Support joystick. (AJ-002 only)
      • Up to 100 GPS device can display in google map at the same time.
      • Can search GPS by name.
      • Support setup mobile NVR event in alarm management.
      • Trial license support camera license and advanced feature license for 60 days.
      • Can setup VCA report export interval.
      • Can search ND NVR alarm.
      • Smart search can support for ND NVR, NR NVR, and VAST substation.
      • Smart search ranges from 1 day to 10.
      • Query GPS data cause timeout issue. Fixed.
      • Crash issue cause by quickly switching the view cells. Fixed.
      • Crash issue cause by close view cell on google map. Fixed.
      • Smart search result non-synchronized issue when user use the same condition to do smart search. Fixed.
      • SD8161 default patrol issue. Fixed.
      • Google map cannot be dragged to other monitors. Fixed.
      • Failover server status error issued. Fixed.
      • Software license issue when user upgrade windows from 7 to 10. Fixed.
      • VCA Report cannot query more than 10 databases in the same time. Fixed.

    VAST 2 v.5720 (Jan, 2018)

      • Speed up loading time of counting data after adding counting camera.
      • Better anti-aliasing video quality on compressed resolution display.
      • Support display two different streaming on same camera source in the same view.
      • Incorrect counting camera rule on LiveView. Fixed
      • Incorrect dewarping quality for fisheye cameras. Fixed
      • Incorrect recording behavior for DI event trigger. Fixed
      • Failed to perform schedule backup with using some characters as camera name. Fixed
      • Incorrect event search results for MA-8391-ETV with seamless recording enabled. Fixed
      • Couldn't export videos for cameras in ND9541 after setup watermark password. Fixed
      • Display incorrect camera name of local DB devices after upgrade to latest version. Fixed
      • Failed to configure IP9171-HP. Fixed

    VAST 2 v.5700 (Dec, 2017)

      • Fixed incorrectly stop playing videos for cameras in ND-series.
      • Fixed incorrect results for smart search under certain conditions.
      • Fixed unexpected events and video clips when searching seamless recordings.
      • Fixed incorrect playing time in playing smart search results.
      • Fixed sync mode would switch to non-sync mode automatically under certain conditions.
      • Fixed sync mode playback might pause automatically.
      • Fixed couldn’t rewind for some cameras in ND-series in Sync mode.
      • Fixed incorrect results when snapshot cameras.
      • Fixed failed to show device tree in E-map settings.
      • Fixed couldn’t connect to the server when export videos.
      • Fixed client crash when setup user permission.
      • Fixed no recordings were found while using smart search under certain conditions.
      • Fixed couldn’t sync playback for cameras in ND-series.
      • Fixed the recordings on timeline didn’t display promptly.
      • Fixed couldn’t scroll camera tree panel in user permission page.
      • Fixed incorrectly restore NVR directory in user permission page.

    VAST 2 v.5600 (Nov, 2017)

      • Data Magnet: An easy way to integrate with 3rd party devices. (Only trial, it will be expired 2018/3/1)
      • Windows Server 2012, 2016 supported.
      • Smart search for cameras on ND-series
      • Camera model MA8391 is supported.
      • Add current time-stamp as file name for exporting snapshot.
      • Assign default HTTPS port to NVR and VAST if none of them are detected when adding sites.
      • Smooth fisheye ePTZ scaling level.
      • Product version information on settings page.
      • Can open RSTP URL and camera Id information csv file for integration reference.
      • Failed to connect NVR cameras after applying on start up setup on system preference. Fixed
      • Modify stream on Live lead to incorrect VCA counting data. Fixed
      • Incorrect VCA report while scheduled for overnight interval. Fixed
      • Incorrect panorama display mode for Fisheye cameras. Fixed
      • Incorrect data on specific interval of scheduled VCA report. Fixed
      • Couldn’t assign a selected streaming to NVR. Fixed
      • Incorrect feedback while adding and removing sites. Fixed
      • Incorrect UI feedback for login NVR. Fixed
      • Incorrect date of next delivery for scheduled VCA report. Fixed.
      • Incorrect disconnected status after authorized when adding sites. Fixed.
      • Incorrect camera permission of customized user role. Fixed
      • Device group will not show up when login to the same server from another client. Fixed.
      • Failed to connect to cameras on NVR occasionally. Fixed.
      • No proper feedback for can’t setup video options in camera management. Fixed
      • Device group didn’t be updated after new cameras added to NVR. Fixed
      • Incorrect thumbnail search results under DST time frame. Fixed.
      • Change playing speed for cameras on NVR might stop playing videos. Fixed

    VAST 2 v.5109 (Sep, 2017)

    With one new feature, several ONVIF feature’s enhancement, and 9 bug fixes, VAST 2 v.5109 is a iterative release for better ONVIF devices support.

      • New alarm action for showing live videos on assigned E-map
      • PTZ, Preset, Patrol of ONVIF cameras is supported
      • Camera video setup for ONVIF cameras is supported
      • RTSP streaming is supported
      • Some ONVIF cameras were not able to be connected in Live-view. Fixed
      • Mouse event error on windows OS with touch panel feature enabled. Fixed
      • Failed to login due to system equipped with Intel Graphic card. Fixed
      • Thumbnail search was not properly performed in DST time zone. Fixed
      • Some camera audio status was incorrectly muted after inserted. Fixed
      • Incorrect storage capacity information on settings. Fixed
      • Couldn't show GPS position when a search time frame is in consecutive months. Fixed
      • Some cameras were not able to be connected in Live-view for no auto streaming options was found. Fixed
      • VCA report was sent in an incorrect frequency. Fixed

    VAST 2 v.4733 (Aug, 2017)

      • Standalone player wasn’t attached to some exported files. Fixed

    VAST 2 v.4732 (July, 2017)

      • Incorrect VCA report features appeared. Fixed

    VAST 2 v.4731 (July, 2017)

      • Cyber security vulnerability (CVE-2017-9765) caused by a function developed from gSOAP toolkit. Fixed.

    VAST 2 v.4730 (July, 2017)

    A major release for redefining what it means to be simple, easy to use, with a handful of advanced search features improved and bringing add-ons value for transportation, retail, general surveillance usage.

      • Plug and Play Auto Setup
      • Automatic Problem Feedback Mechanism
      • Switch All Applications on Tabs
      • Easy to Support Multi-Monitor
      • 2.5D Visualization eMap
      • Smart Search
      • Thumbnail Search
      • Evidence Lock
      • Multi-Video Export with Custom Layouts
      • VCA Report
      • Schedule Backup
      • Add-on Solutions: Failover, Transportation, Transaction, Integration