VIVOTEK Expert Certificate

VIVOTEK appreciates our partners who joined the VEC program in past years. Starting in 2016, VIVOTEK will launch a brand new training program, VEC II. VEC II will include both VDT (VIVOTEK Discovery Training) and VTT (VIVOTEK Technical Training), providing VIVOTEK’s warrior practical concepts and genuine expertise of VIVOTEK solutions separately. Please join us and refer to

VIVOTEK Expert Certificate

With the increasing sophistication of the security market, simply offering outstanding products is always enough for success. Professional service and effective communications are equally important factors, and the VIVOTEK Expert Certificate (VEC) program is a key part of our effort to ensure that we achieve a truly excellent standard in both areas. Organized by a dedicated team at VIVOTEK with the assistance of local partners, the program began rolling out globally in 2013.

Participation Qualification

VIVOTEK official distributors and system integrators

Program Description

The VEC program consists of regularly scheduled two- or three-day workshops. The material covered in these workshops includes a comprehensive and detailed introduction of all the features and functions of VIVOTEK cameras, the technologies they are based upon, their benefits for end-users, and the types of applications they enable. The VEC program also enables participants to better understand the VIVOTEK brand spirit and the company objectives. In addition, as partners share their first-hand experiences through the program, VIVOTEK can also gain more insight into specific markets so as to better accommodate a diverse range of customer needs.


The VEC program aims to achieve the goal of enhancing the quality of both service and communications by cultivating genuine expertise in VIVOTEK products and technologies. As well as the company behind them. By drawing on such expertise, partners can compellingly portray the benefits of VIVOTEK solutions for end-user customers, as well as provide them with more tailored, effective, and timely service.