VIVOTEK Expert Certificate

Program Description

Since 2013 VIVOTEK has continued to deliver solid results with the original VIVOTEK Expert Certificate. In 2016 VIVOTEK updated this program and created the brand new VIVOTEK Expert Certificate II. The VEC II course has everything you need to become an expert in the surveillance industry and provides a deep understanding into VIVOTEK's product advantages.

The newly launched VEC II course is suitable for sales/presales/technical marketing personnel as well as technical support and troubleshooting personnel. Based on more than 10 years of surveillance experience the new course takes you deeper into surveillance projects and includes numerous case studies and plans used in actual surveillance sites.


  • VIVOTEK Discovery Training (VDT) Targeted at system integrator’s sales/presales/technical support the VDT training course enables participants to better understand surveillance/security projects. The program will walk you through every aspect of a surveillance project and provide essential knowledge to design a complete security solution. The program includes the following key points and the latest information from VIVOTEK.
    • Project process and qualification
    • VIVOTEK Technologies for all environments
    • VIVOTEK cameras for different objectives and scenarios
    • Network recorders and storage calculation
    • Network architecture & servers
    • VIVOTEK design tool tutorial
    • Real Project Case Studies


  • VIVOTEK Technical Training (VTT) Targeted at system integrator’s technical staff the program will focus on bringing out the maximum performance of VIVOTEK products. Participants are required to do hands-on training with VIVOTEK cameras and NVRs and you will learn all technical related configurations. The program includes the following key points and the latest information from VIVOTEK.
    • Network strategy and batch setup of large scale surveillance systems
    • Essential camera /system configuration
    • Utilize advanced VIVOTEK technologies
    • VIVOTEK stream optimization and bandwidth consumption
    • Hands on with real VIVOTEK NVR/Cameras
    • Maximizing performance in challenging environments
    • Vertical market case studies
    • Troubleshooting

In addition, as partners share their first-hand experiences through the program, VIVOTEK can also gain more insight into specific markets so as to better accommodate a diverse range of customer needs.

Participation Qualification

VIVOTEK official distributors and system integrators


  • Systematic, Practice-based training on VIVOTEK products and technologies.
  • Partners can thoroughly portray the benefits of VIVOTEK solutions for end-user customers.
  • Partners learn to provide complete solutions for project business.
  • Partners learn to utilize the strength of VIVOTEK products under different conditions.
  • Partners can provide end-users with more effective and timely service.